Grim Facade: The Cost of Jealousy: Chapter Five: The Hotel

Our Grim Facade: Cost of Jealousy Walkthrough will help you unravel this elaborate mystery brimming with intrigue, deceit, and betrayal. Rely on our trusty tips, puzzle solutions, and in-depth instructions to weave your way to the truth in this exciting whodunit hidden object adventure game.


  • Enter the foyer, and talk to the concierge – hand him the NUMBER PLATE for room 111, at which point he’ll give you the room KEY.
  • Note the bull’s head on the corner of the desk.
  • Place the HORN on it and take the LENS from its mouth.
  • Take a closer look at the statue – place the RING HANDLE on the chest, and take the APPLE and SUCKER DART from inside.
  • Proceed up the passage in ahead.



  • Note room 11, then zoom in on the HOA to the right.
  • Collect the two fans, as well as all the items circled in red.
  • To collect the cat, place the cat piece on it to complete it.
  • Place the cherry on the cupcake to collect the cherry cupcake.
  • When complete, take the SHUTTER HANDLE and proceed to door 11.
  • Open it and enter inside.


Room 11

  • Watch the scene play out between the two lovebirds, then use the SHUTTER HANDLE to get some light into the room.
  • Look at the table in the center of the room – take the APPLE and note the paper fragments.
  • Take a look at the overcoat to the left, read the note, and talk to Aidan.
  • Click on the coat again and take the STAR protruding from the top pocket – note the fake beard hanging from the hat rack.
  • Zoom in on the bed and note the combination lock missing a button.
  • Exit back outside.


Passage HOA

  • Shock horror – another HOA in the spot you just left – is this déjà vu?
  • Start by7 removing the lid from the serving tray on the floor to the left – take the kitchen knife and card.
  • Next take the wing over on the left and add it to the horse in order to acquire Pegasus.
  • Finish by collecting all the other items circled in red.
  • When complete take the KITCHEN KNIFE.
  • Exit and head to Mr. Martinez’ shop.


Dart Game

  • Approach the game AGAIN and insert the SUCKER dart to initiate it.
  • As before, search around for pairs. This time around each turn will commence with an open picture, and you have to find the matching piece.
  • If you fail, the game will randomly pick another one to open with, so you have to stay on your toes memory-wise or jot them down as they appear.
  • When done, collect the three gold coins and buy the GLUE from Mr. Martinez.



  • Return to the passage outside room No. 11 and zoom in on the desk to the right.
  • Place the three APPLES on it to initiate a small puzzle, which is to move the misplaced fruit to their correct matching colors.
  • When done the compartment will open – take the gold coin and GLASS FRAME.



  • Enter room 11 again, and zoom in on the coat and use the KITCHEN KNIFE to cut open the stitching at the bottom of the lining – retrieve the NUMBER DIAL. 
  • Zoom back in on the bed and insert the NUMBER DIAL on the locking mechanism.
  • The combination is equal to the number of each geometric figure to the left of each dial – 483.
  • Return to the passage.
  • Next, place the LENS, JEWELLED HANDLE, and the GLASS FRAME on the table and combine the three items to create a magnifying glass.
  • Use it to search the room for the remaining envelope pieces – note the screenshot and the fact that when the glass sits over one of the pieces it will be highlighted in blue outline.
  • Take the pieces and place them on the table. 


Letter Puzzle

  • The aim of the puzzle is to assemble to pieces together – see the screenshot for the solution.
  • Note that it’s not just a case of moving pieces to the appropriate place, but of rotating some of them as well.
  • Once completed use the GLUE to stick all the pieces together.
  • Once done, note the train tickets inside and the numbers.
  • Take the ENVELOPE. Aidan will now appear and suggest moving on to the train station.
  • Exit the hotel and go down to where the fire was burning earlier – it is now out. As Aidan mentioned.