Green City: Levels 1 to 12

Our Green City Walkthrough will help you clean up the town and easily hit those expert times in this intense time management game. With its detailed instructions and video solutions for each and every level, you'll have no problem turning this run down tired old town into one of the world's most eco-friendly cities in the world.

Level 1

  1. Simply build 4 more houses



Level 2

  1. Build 2 promenades
  2. Upgrade house once
  3. Build 3 more promenades



Level 3

  1. Demolish the abandoned house
  2. Sell one house
  3. Upgrade eco on 3 houses fully
  4. Sell 3 eco upgrade house
  5. Demolish the abandoned house left
  6. Demolish the 2 lots in the back and build one cottage
  7. Immediately sell
  8. Clear the last lot
  9. Plant 4 promenades



Level 4

  1. Repair the 2 houses
  2. Upgrade 3 houses, 2 in the front and 1 in the back
  3. Sell each when fully eco upgraded
  4. Upgrade the next 2 houses and sell
  5. Build 3 more houses, upgrade fully and sell
  6. Build a cottage to the right and then a promenade
  7. Clear the last 2 lots
  8. Build 2nd cottage and a promenade next to it
  9. Upgrade both cottages once and the promenades 3 times
  10. Build 3rd cottage in far left lot
  11. Buy back the house in the lower left right and destroy it
  12. Build the 4th cottage.
  13. This is not the method used in the video but gains about 30 seconds.
  14. The video shows upgrading the first two cottages twice and then waiting for the money to build 2 more without destroying any houses



Level 5

  1. Repair the cottage
  2. Repair the house in the back
  3. Upgrade the houses 3 times and sell
  4. Destroy the abandoned houses in the center lots
  5. Build 2 houses to replace and upgrade eco 3 times
  6. Sell the 2 houses
  7. Build a cottage in the middle vacant lot
  8. Hire 2 more workers
  9. Destroy the lot next to the new cottage
  10. Destroy the abandoned building in the front
  11. Plant 2 promenades next to the cottage
  12. Demolish the top right lot
  13. Build 2 more promenades in the front lot
  14. Build 3 promenades in the top right lot



Level 6

  1. Upgrade the 2 front houses
  2. Demolish the 3rd house in the middle and the abandoned house in the back
  3. Demolish the promenade to the right
  4. Sell the 2 upgraded houses
  5. Clear the bottom right lot
  6. Build 3 houses on the cleared lots and sell immediately
  7. Build cottage in the middle lot and sell immediately
  8. Clear rubble in the front lot
  9. Clear lot next to the cottage
  10. Build a cafe next to the cottage
  11. Build a multistory in the front



Level 7

  1. Repair both front houses
  2. Upgrade 2 of the houses eco x3 and sell
  3. Then upgrade the other 3 houses eco x3 and sell
  4. Destroy the back right lot
  5. Build a cottage in the front vacant lot
  6. Demolish the abandoned house in the back row
  7. Upgrade the cottage eco x3 and sell
  8. Hire a 4th worker
  9. Demolish the lot next to the cottage
  10. Build 2nd cottage and sell immediately
  11. Buy back and demolish the middle house
  12. Build a multistory
  13. Buy back and demolish the right two houses in the center
  14. Build a 2nd multistory
  15. Build 3 promenades in the vacant lots
  16. Upgrade the promenades
  17. Upgrade the eco on the multistory until the goal is reached



Level 8

  1. Hire 2nd worker
  2. Upgrade back right houses eco to level 3 and sell
  3. Build 2 houses front right and back left and upgrade eco x3 and sell
  4. Repair the cottage
  5. Upgrade the cottage eco x3 and sell
  6. Hire 3rd worker
  7. Build cafe in front right light
  8. Hire 4th worker
  9. Destroy front left house
  10. Clear lot to left of cottage
  11. Build 2nd cottage
  12. Upgrade cafe eco once
  13. Clear front lot
  14. Build multistory
  15. Add 3 promenades and upgrade to finish



Level 9

  1. Upgrade 2 intact houses eco x3 and sell
  2. Upgrade broken house at top left
  3. Clear 2 right lots
  4. Build 2 houses
  5. Upgrade all 3 houses' eco to level 3 and sell
  6. Build cottage in the back most lot and upgrade eco once and sell
  7. Clear the left middle lot
  8. Hire 4th worker
  9. Clear front lot
  10. Build cafe
  11. Clear trash while waiting
  12. Build a multistory in middle lot
  13. Upgrade cafe eco x3
  14. Unlike video, build a promenade next to multistory earlier
  15. Upgrade multistory and upgrade eco x3
  16. Build 2nd promenade
  17. Upgrade both promenades to finish



Level 10

  1. Sell all 5 houses
  2. Hire 3rd worker
  3. Build cottage and immediately sell
  4. Build cafe in front right lot
  5. Upgrade store eco x3
  6. Build house in right-most lot and sell
  7. Buy back the front left house and demolish
  8. Build a multistory
  9. Buy back center house from the back left lot
  10. Build a cafe and upgrade eco x3
  11. Buy house next to cafe and demolish
  12. Build 2nd cottage
  13. Collect rent to finish money goal



Level 11

  1. Repair broken house
  2. Build 2nd house in the right lot
  3. Demolish the house in between 2 houses
  4. Build 3rd house and upgrade eco x3 and sell
  5. Upgrade right house eco x3
  6. Sell left house
  7. Hire 2nd worker
  8. Demolish cafe at back left lot
  9. Build a cottage in that lot and sell
  10. Clear back middle lot
  11. Build a multistory and sell immediately
  12. Clear front center lot
  13. Hire 2 workers to 4
  14. Clear front left lot
  15. Clear middle left lot
  16. Build 2 houses in front lots
  17. Add promenades to both houses
  18. Build promenades to the middle left lot
  19. Clear all trash to get eco goal



Level 12

  1. Upgrade back left house eco x3 and sell
  2. Sell house in front of it
  3. Demolish house in front
  4. Repair cottage in middle and sell
  5. Build multistory in the front and upgrade eco
  6. Clear a back lot
  7. Build cafe in the back
  8. Upgrade cafe eco x3
  9. Upgrade multilevel eco x 3
  10. Clear lot next to cafe
  11. Build promenade next to multistory (upgrade earlier than in video to increase rent)
  12. Build 2nd cottage next to cafe
  13. Hire 4th workers
  14. Upgrade eco in cottage x3
  15. Clear 2 center lots
  16. Buy back first 2 houses
  17. Build a 3rd house in an empty lot
  18. Build 2 more promenades
  19. Upgrade the house and promenades