Green City: Levels 25 to 36

Our Green City Walkthrough will help you clean up the town and easily hit those expert times in this intense time management game. With its detailed instructions and video solutions for each and every level, you'll have no problem turning this run down tired old town into one of the world's most eco-friendly cities in the world.

Level 25

  1. Sell 2 houses
  2. Upgrade cottage fully and sell
  3. Clear 2 houses
  4. Hire 3rd worker
  5. Build store in front left lot and upgrade eco and electric once each and sell
  6. Build 2nd store in back lot and upgrade eco x2 and electric x2 and sell
  7. Hire 4th worker
  8. Clear front right lot
  9. Upgrade wind power plant
  10. Buy back cottage
  11. Build office next to 2nd store and upgrade eco
  12. Buy back house
  13. Build 5 promenades and upgrade to fulfill goal



Level 26

  1. Upgrade 2 cottages eco x1
  2. Upgrade left cottage fully and sell
  3. Upgrade right cottage fully and sell
  4. Hire 4th worker
  5. Clear right lot
  6. Build mansion next to windmills
  7. Demolish windmills
  8. Upgrade mansion eco x1 and sell
  9. Demolish front left building and clear rubble
  10. Build wind power plant on the left
  11. Clear back left lot
  12. Hire 4 workers
  13. Build office on back right
  14. Build store back left
  15. Upgrade eco on store, office, and wind power to get buildings running
  16. Upgrade eco on office and store
  17. Clear lots
  18. Buy back 2 cottages
  19. Build store in front of right cottage
  20. Build 2 parks and upgrade
  21. Build 2 promenades



Level 27

  1. Repair cottage
  2. Demolish all houses
  3. Sell left cottage
  4. Upgrade right cottage and sell
  5. Build house, upgrade fully, and sell
  6. Hire 2 workers to get to 5
  7. Build mansion and upgrade electric once and sell
  8. Build windmill on far right and upgrade
  9. Build 2nd mansion and upgrade electric x3 and eco x2 and sell
  10. Clear front left lot
  11. Hire 3 more workers to 8
  12. Build 2 offices
  13. Buy back left mansion right away
  14. Upgrade mansion eco x2
  15. Upgrade office electric x3 and then eco
  16. Demolish back lot and front right
  17. Build park, promenade, and nature reserve
  18. Upgrade eco in mansion
  19. Upgrade eco to finish



Level 28

  1. Repair windmill
  2. Repair house on the right
  3. Upgrade multistory and 2 houses fully and sell all 3
  4. Repair cottage to the left and upgrade fully
  5. Hire 2 more workers
  6. Build office in back left and upgrade lacking 1 electric
  7. Demolish front buildings except right
  8. Sell cottage
  9. Clear all trash while waiting for money
  10. Build mansion and sell
  11. Demolish last building
  12. Demolish office
  13. Build 2 solar power plants on far right
  14. Demolish the first one
  15. Build multistory in back left
  16. Build park, nature reserve, and promenades to finish eco



Level 29

  1. Repair both wind power plants
  2. Upgrade eco on 2 cottages
  3. Demolish house in back lot
  4. Sell both cottages fully upgraded eco
  5. Hire 2 more workers
  6. Build office
  7. Upgrade left wind power plant
  8. Upgrade eco in multistory and office
  9. Build cottage next to office
  10. Sell eco upgraded multistory
  11. Upgrade eco on cottage fully
  12. Upgrade wind power again on left
  13. Sell cottage
  14. Clear rest of right lot
  15. Build solar plant and upgrade x2
  16. Demolish right wind power plant
  17. Build mansion and upgrade eco once and sell mansion
  18. Clear left lot
  19. Demolish office
  20. Build nature reserve, park, and 4 promenades and upgrade to finish



Level 30

  1. Upgrade cottage eco x3 and electric x2
  2. Demolish house behind cottage
  3. Sell 2 houses to get money for 2nd cottage upgrade
  4. Sell cottage
  5. Clear back right lot
  6. Build multistory
  7. Hire 2 more workers
  8. Build office next to multistory and upgrade eco x1
  9. Fully upgrade multistory and sell
  10. Upgrade office fully
  11. Hire 2 more workers
  12. Clear front left lot
  13. Upgrade wind power
  14. Build multistory in bottom left
  15. Upgrade multistory
  16. Clear debris from right lot
  17. Buy back cottage and demolish
  18. Sell fully upgraded multistory
  19. Hire 2 more workers
  20. Clear right lot
  21. Build mansion and store
  22. Demolish front house and promenade
  23. Upgrade eco in mansion and store
  24. Clear back left lot
  25. Build nature reserve next to wind power plant and another nest to multistory
  26. Build 2 promenades
  27. Build water purification station
  28. Upgrade nature reserves to finish



Level 31

  1. Upgrade multistory and sell lacking one electric upgrade
  2. Demolish house in front left
  3. Demolish houses in back
  4. Hire 2 workers
  5. Build 2 cottages
  6. Upgrade both cottages fully
  7. Sell as each is upgraded
  8. Hire 2 more workers
  9. Demolish right most lot
  10. Build wind power plant
  11. Hire 7th worker
  12. Build office on far right
  13. Upgrade wind power fully  
  14. Upgrade office fully
  15. Demolish building next to wind power plant
  16. Wait for money to build mansion in center lot
  17. Upgrade eco x3 and sell mansion
  18. Clear back lot
  19. Buy back multistory and demolish
  20. Buy back 2 cottages
  21. Build water purification plant where multistory was
  22. Build 3 promenades, and 2 nature reserves
  23. Upgrade eco to finish



Level 32

  1. Upgrade right cottage and sell
  2. Demolish the left cottage
  3. Build a wind power plant in the same place
  4. Hire 2 more workers
  5. Build an office in front left lot and upgrade
  6. Demolish the building next to the office
  7. Upgrade electric on the multistory and 1st office to past 24 electric
  8. Build a store next to office
  9. Upgrade multistory fully and sell
  10. Upgrade wind power plant fully.
  11. Upgrade office fully and then the store.
  12. Hire 7th worker and then up to 9 after multistory is sold.
  13. Clear a building from the right front lot
  14. Clear back left lot
  15. Build a mansion in the right front
  16. Build a store next to the multistory
  17. Upgrade eco fully on mansion and store
  18. Demolish the last building
  19. Build the water purification station and 2 promenades next to it
  20. Build 3 nature reserves and 2 more promenades; upgrade as needed to get eco



Level 33

  1. Repair 2 multistories and cottage
  2. Sell all 3 buildings
  3. Clear right lot and demolish house
  4. Build wind power plant in back right and upgrade once
  5. Demolish houses in the back left
  6. Hire workers to 7
  7. Build office back left and upgrade eco x3 (and not electric)
  8. Build 2nd wind power plant and upgrade both
  9. Hire workers to 9
  10. Demolish building behind cottage
  11. Clear trash while waiting for money
  12. Build a high-rise behind the cottage
  13. Demolish building next to cottage
  14. Buy back cottage and demolish
  15. Build 2nd high-rise
  16. Buy back both multi-stories and demolish
  17. Build a park in the left lot and a nature reserve next to the high-rises; you will need to remove a promenade
  18. Build water purification station in the front and upgrade eco
  19. Upgrade water station once



Level 34

  1. Sell left cottage
  2. Upgrade right cottage to full
  3. Hire workers up to 5
  4. Destroy abandoned house in front of cottage
  5. Demolish house far left
  6. Hire workers up to 8
  7. Sell fully upgraded cottage
  8. Build a wind power plant to the left
  9. Build an office in front of the right cottage
  10. Build a store in the bottom right
  11. Upgrade both office and store fully
  12. Demolish building behind store
  13. Build a mansion and upgrade eco and then electric
  14. Hire workers to 10
  15. Destroy the buildings in the front left
  16. Destroy the back left building and windmills
  17. Buy cottage next to store and demolish it and the building behind it
  18. Build 2nd mansion next to 1st
  19. Build a power station in back left
  20. Buy back left cottage
  21. Demolish office, store, cottage, and right wind power station
  22. Build water purification station in the front right
  23. Build 3 nature reserves, 1 park and 3 promenades
  24. Upgrade eco to finish



Level 35

  1. Repair mansion and sell
  2. Hire to 8 workers
  3. Clear front right lot
  4. Build an office there
  5. Clear next to park on the left
  6. Build a store
  7. Upgrade eco and then electric on the office and store
  8. Clear lots behind the store
  9. Build a mansion and upgrade electric fully
  10. Start construction
  11. Build another mansion next to the last and upgrade electric and then eco
  12. Demolish the store
  13. Build a water purification station and 3 promenades
  14. Upgrade eco to finish



Level 36

  1. Upgrade high-rise electric x2 and sell
  2. Hire 2 workers
  3. Hire 2 8 workers
  4. Demolish cottage
  5. Clear front right lot
  6. Build an office and upgrade eco
  7. Upgrade power plant
  8. Clear the rest of the front right light
  9. Hire to 10 workers
  10. Build a high-rise and sell
  11. Clear the rest of the lots
  12. Build a high-rise next to the power plant
  13. Demolish the office
  14. Build 3 nature reserves and fill in with promenades
  15. Upgrade eco to finish