Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches: Chapters 31 to 40

Depend on our Gardens Inc: From Rakes to Riches Walkthrough to guide you through 50 levels of intense time management gameplay. Having trouble getting your expert times? Just consult our detailed video solutions of each and every level to ensure ultimate victory and to save your grandparents from losing their family home.

Chapter 31 - Sunshine Club

Welcome to the beach; home of the exotic islands.

  1. Clear to the wood shack and build
  2. Clear to the exchange outpost and build
  3. Trade for gold
  4. Upgrade the truck
  5. Upgrade the wood shack
  6. Clear to square beds and pick up seeds
  7. Plant in the square beds
  8. Build the pier
  9. Build the water shack
  10. Collect seeds
  11. Upgrade pier
  12. Keep clearing down the road
  13. Plant orange flowers on land and yellow flowers on the island
  14. Clear to the clock
  15. Plant purple flowers in the circle beds on the island



Chapter 32 - Meeting the Seniors

Break the mirror; do not plant in a mirror pattern

  1. Clear to wood exchange outpost
  2. Upgrade the tool shack
  3. Upgrade the truck
  4. Clear down both sides of the pool
  5. Build the bottom stairs to the left and pick up seeds
  6. Plant flowers as you have seeds (in circle beds to get money, until you can access the square bed)
  7. Clear to the stone shack
  8. Build stairs to the bottom
  9. Clear to and build the exchange outpost
  10. Trade stones for time
  11. Clear to the bottom left
  12. Upgrade the stone shack
  13. Build the exchange outpost
  14. Trade for seeds
  15. Build stairs to the top
  16. Build water shack and start watering
  17. Upgrade water shack
  18. Repair pool


Chapter 33 - Triple A

Two by two by two by two; plant pairs of flowers

  1. Clear in both directions
  2. Upgrade truck
  3. Build general shacks
  4. Build exchange outpost
  5. Clear to the water shack
  6. Build stairs
  7. Build water shack
  8. Clear the road to the flower beds
  9. Plant as you have seeds (square beds first)
  10. Upgrade the water shack
  11. Clear to the clock and collect it
  12. Clear to the pump and build
  13. Trade for gold--need 200 for the fountain
  14. Repair the fountain


Chapter 34 - Greatest Hits

A pair is a not winning combination; plant mismatched flowers

  1. Clear to tool shack and general shack
  2. Build the exchange outpost
  3. Clear to the right and build the stairs
  4. Build the security officer shack
  5. Plant flowers as seeds are available
  6. Build the left stairs
  7. Build the water shack and start watering
  8. Clear to the pier and build
  9. Build the exchange outpost on the island
  10. Upgrade the truck
  11. Trade time for gold and then gold for more time on the island
  12. Keep adding time in this fashion while waiting on seeds; do not build the seed shack
  13. Build the center stairs
  14. Clear to the statue and investigate


Chapter 35 - The Unbreakables

0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10: they are the answer!  Plant even numbers of plants.

  1. Clear to left and top
  2. Build the gold statue
  3. Keep clearing to the top
  4. Upgrade the truck
  5. Clear to and build the security officer shack
  6. Clear to the water shack
  7. Build the water shack
  8. Build the seed shack and ugprade
  9. Build 2nd tool shack
  10. Build the storage
  11. Plant flowers and water
  12. Upgrade the water shack and build a pump
  13. Keep planting and water
  14. Upgrade the 2nd tool shack
  15. Upgrade the water shack
  16. Repair swimming pools as you have resources and keep watering


Chapter 36 - Captain Jones

Don't hold anything back! Plant all colors

  1. Trade for tools
  2. Upgrade truck twice
  3. Build exchange outpost
  4. Build top bridge
  5. Clear to exchange outpost and build
  6. Build bottom bridge
  7. Trade for stone
  8. Build gold statue at top
  9. Clear down the bottom
  10. Build storage
  11. Build 2nd gold statue
  12. Keep clearing
  13. Build 3rd gold statue
  14. Build bridge to the fountain and pick up the clock
  15. Trade for seeds
  16. Plant different colored plants
  17. Build water shack
  18. Upgrade water shack
  19. Water plants
  20. Collect tools and stone
  21. Repair the fountain


Chapter 37 - A Hole in One

The south team! The north team!  Plant different colors at the top from the bottom

  1. Clear rocks to get stone
  2. Trade for wood
  3. Build bridge at bottom left
  4. Build gold statue
  5. Build exchange post at bottom left
  6. Trade for time
  7. Build bottom exchange post
  8. Trade for seed
  9. Upgrade truck
  10. Build top bridge
  11. Plant orange flowers in top beds as you have money
  12. Build water shack
  13. Build seed shack
  14. Upgrade water shack
  15. Upgrade seed shack
  16. Build sprinklers while waiting for seeds
  17. Build pump
  18. Build yellow flowers at the bottom


Chapter 38 - The Sunny Daily

Time to be economic; plant one color

  1.  Clear down to shacks at the bottom
  2. Build rock shack
  3. Build seed shack
  4. Clear to the left
  5. Build gold statue
  6. Upgrade truck twice
  7. Build 2 more gold statues
  8. Clear to shacks at top left
  9. Build general shack
  10. Build storage
  11. Clear down to the shacks at bottom left
  12. Build security officer shack
  13. Clear to the flower beds
  14. Build water shack and upgrade
  15. Build pump
  16. Plant blue flowers in square beds and start watering
  17. Build the exchange outpost
  18. Build burglar alarms
  19. Trade for money when you have enough seeds to finish planting
  20. Build swimming pool
  21. Trade for money to finish


Chapter 39 - The Day Before

A theme is what is required

  1. Upgrade truck to level 3
  2. Clear in both directions
  3. Build bridge to left and down to exchange post
  4. Build rock exchange post and trade for rock
  5. Build stairs to top center and right
  6. Build water shack
  7. Build exchange outpost at top right
  8. Build pump
  9. Trade at outposts to get seeds
  10. Plant blue flowers at top right
  11. Upgrade water shack
  12. Clear to other beds and pumps
  13. Build pumps and plant blue flowers at top
  14. Build last exchange outpost and trade for time
  15. Plant pink flowers at the bottom left
  16. Plant blue flowers in the center


Chapter 40 - Dwarfs vs. Flamingos

How similar are the two gardens?

  1. Use fast cash bonus as available
  2. Pick up tools
  3. Upgrade the truck
  4. Clear to the seed shack and wood shack
  5. Plant 2 yellow flowers
  6. Build seed shack
  7. Clear to stone shack
  8. Plant 2 blue flowers as you have the seeds near the tool shack
  9. Build stairs and clear to the top flower beds
  10. Plant 3 purple flowers at the top as you have seeds
  11. Build stairs to the bottom beds
  12. Clear debris to bottom beds
  13. Plant white flowers
  14. Clear the debris to the right
  15. Build the security officer shack
  16. Chase away burglars