Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches: Chapters 21 to 30

Depend on our Gardens Inc: From Rakes to Riches Walkthrough to guide you through 50 levels of intense time management gameplay. Having trouble getting your expert times? Just consult our detailed video solutions of each and every level to ensure ultimate victory and to save your grandparents from losing their family home.

Chapter 21 - At the Marketplace

Four sections, each with two.  Each section has to have 2 different knds of flowers

  1. Clear to tool shack and wood shack
  2. Upgrade tool shack
  3. Upgrade wood shack
  4. Upgrade truck
  5. Upgrade wood shack
  6. Upgrade truck to level 3
  7. Build right pier
  8. Clear to exchange outpost at right
  9. Upgrade tool shack
  10. Build exchange outpost and trade for stone
  11. Build 2nd pier
  12. Clear water grass
  13. Clear to bottom and build exchange outpost
  14. Trade for seed
  15. Build storage
  16. Build bridges
  17. Clear to flower beds
  18. Build 3rd pier
  19. Build water shack and upgrade
  20. Plant 2 different types of flowers in each section
  21. Clear water grass blocking far beds


Chapter 22 - Dish of the Day

East and west. Two different cultures; plant different colors on the right and left

  1. Trade for tools
  2. Upgrade the truck
  3. Clear to wood shack and upgrade
  4. Clear to rock shack and build
  5. Upgrade wood shack
  6. Upgrade truck
  7. Build exchange outpost
  8. Upgrade the rock shack
  9. Trade stone and tools for seed
  10. Clear to the flower beds
  11. Build the water shack
  12. Build the pump
  13. Plant flowers
  14. Upgrade the water shack
  15. Repair pond


Chapter 23 - Artifacts of the Old

Similarities attract each other; plant in pairs or triplicate

  1. Build the pier
  2. Clear over to the left
  3. Trade for wood
  4. Upgrade the truck
  5. Upgrade the pier
  6. Clear the weeds with one boat
  7. Upgrade the tool shack
  8. Build the storage
  9. Clear to the animal hunter shack and build it
  10. Clear to the seed shack and build it
  11. Build the 2nd storage
  12. Upgrade the 2nd pier
  13. Upgrade the seed shack
  14. Clear to the water shack and build it
  15. Build 2 pumps
  16. Plant flowers and water
  17. Upgrade water shack
  18. Be sure to get all the weeds


Chapter 24 - TVC 15

Use everything you can.

  1. Clear to the rock shack
  2. Build the bridge
  3. Upgrade the truck
  4. Clear up to the wood
  5. Clear up to the seed and hunter shack
  6. Upgrade the tool shack
  7. Clear the large stone blocking the next bridge
  8. Build the bridge
  9. Clear down to the shacks at the bottom right
  10. Upgrade the truck
  11. Build the animal hunter shack
  12. Build the seed shack
  13. Clear the birds
  14. Build the storage
  15. Upgrade the seed shack
  16. Build the water shack
  17. Plant flowers of all colors and types
  18. Upgrade the water shack
  19. Build the pump near the truck
  20. Keep planting and watering
  21. Upgrade the seed shack


Chapter 25 - Gardener's Symphony

Every island has a different name and ...?

  1. Upgrade the truck
  2. Build the pier
  3. Clear to the wood shack and pick up the stone
  4. Upgrade the truck
  5. Upgrade the pier twice
  6. Clear over to the stone shack
  7. Build the bridge
  8. Clear over to and build the seed shack
  9. Clear to the statue and investigate; use the halt time bonus
  10. Build the storage
  11. Upgrade the seed shack
  12. Clear to all flower beds
  13. Build the animal hunter shack (scare off ravens from the seed)
  14. Build the water shack
  15. Plant different colored plants on each island
  16. Build the pump
  17. Upgrade the water shack
  18. Scare off the ravens from the seed


Chapter 26 - A Day Off

Mix up the crowd, will ya!

  1. Clear to the pile of tools
  2. Upgrade the truck
  3. Clear to the stone shack
  4. Trade for wood
  5. Build the pier
  6. Clear the water
  7. Upgrade the pier
  8. Upgrade the truck
  9. Upgrade the pier again
  10. Keep clearing to the top right and left
  11. Build the seed shacks (2)_
  12. Upgrade the seed shacks
  13. Clear to the water shack (from the left side of the pier)
  14. Build animal hunter shack and scare off birds
  15. Build the water shack
  16. Plant flowers of all colors
  17. Build the pump
  18. Upgrade the water shack
  19. Upgrade the far pier
  20. Finish watering
  21. Be sure to get the last weeds


Chapter 27 - The Final Rehearsal

3, 6, 9, 12, 15:  What do they have in common?  Plant in 3's

  1. Trade seeds for tools throughout
  2. Upgrade truck
  3. Build bridge
  4. Clear to seed shack
  5. After first large trunk, upgrade the seed shack
  6. Clear to exchange outpost and build
  7. Trade for stone
  8. Upgrade seed shack to level 3
  9. Build stone bridge
  10. Upgrade truck
  11. Clear and build to animal hunter shack (but do not build yet)
  12. Clear down to the exchange outpost and build
  13. Trade for wood
  14. Build pier and upgrade
  15. Build animal hunter shack
  16. Clear water weeds
  17. Scare off birds
  18. Build bridge to left
  19. Plant all one color
  20. Clear to the water shack
  21. Build water shack
  22. Plant flowers on the island
  23. Upgrade water shack
  24. Plant flower on land
  25. Finish water


Chapter 28 - Restoring History

It's an odd garden...

  1. Pick up tools from the tool shack (by boat)
  2. Clear water weeds and branches
  3. Upgrade the tool shack
  4. Build the wood shack
  5. Upgrade the wood shack
  6. Upgrade the truck
  7. Build the animal hunter shack at the top left
  8. Build the seed shack at the top right and upgrade right away
  9. Remove the birds
  10. Build the water shack
  11. Build the exchange post
  12. Upgrade the water shack
  13. Trade for rocks; you will need a total of 30 stones
  14. Plant flowers in square beds and water (you need 3 of one type and one of another)
  15. Plant the same flowers in the circle beds
  16. Repair the pagoda; need 30 tools, 15 wood, 30 stone


Chapter 29 - The Secret Garden

  1. Clear down the road, visiting the right pylons only
  2. Build the bridge to the right
  3. Examine the pylon past the gates
  4. Build the bridge to the stones and pick them up
  5. Build the bridge to the seeds and pick them up
  6. Visit the first and last pylons on the left to open the gates
  7. Work down the path and open the chest


Chapter 30 - After Party

The outside is always different from the inside

  1. Written solution here for higher score than video
  2. Clear down the center road
  3. Plant flowers in the center as you have seeds
  4. Clear to the seed shack and build
  5. Clear the garbage and just the branches to get to the garbage and beds
  6. You do not need to remove all the branches, so don't waste your money
  7. Plant different plants in the middle from the outside
  8. Use halt time and fast shack