Frozen Free Fall: Frozen Free Fall Power Ups

Our Frozen Free Fall Walkthrough features all the ice crystal breaking strategies and hints you'll need to help your friends from the hit Disney movie Frozen in this darling match 3 game. Use our helpful tips and strategies as well as easy explanations on game mechanics and power ups to help plow your way through tons of Frozen fun!

Powerups are available for certain levels in Frozen Free Fall. Anna's Torch and Elsa's Glacier need to be chosen before you start the board. This will also decide which companion you will have for that level. Snowballs, ice picks, and hourglasses will be available to select during the level itself. If you don't have any of these powerups, you'll be able to purchase them through the in-app store.


Anna's Torch - Breaks 8 different crystals, no matter what color.



Elsa's Glacier - Breaks up crystals of the same color on the board.


Snowballs - A snowball will provide you with 5 extra moves for each level.



Ice Pick - An ice pick will allow you to break one crystal on a board.



Hourglass - An hourglass is available on timed boards. It will provide 15 extra seconds on the level.