Frozen Free Fall: Match Power Ups & Combos

Our Frozen Free Fall Walkthrough features all the ice crystal breaking strategies and hints you'll need to help your friends from the hit Disney movie Frozen in this darling match 3 game. Use our helpful tips and strategies as well as easy explanations on game mechanics and power ups to help plow your way through tons of Frozen fun!

When you make certain matches in Frozen Free Fall, you'll create special crystals that have different abilities to help you explode more crystals.


Windchill - When you match 4 crystals in a row, you'll create a windchill, which will look like a crystal with a glow emanating from it. When matched with a windchill, crystals in a row or column will explode.


Iceberg - When you match crystals in a T or L shape, you'll create an Iceberg, which will look like a snowflake. Match an iceberg with a similar color and the area around the match will explode. It will also drop an crystal "bomb" that will ignite and explore the area around it as well.


Glacier - When you match 5 crystals in a row, you'll create a Glacier, which looks like an icy star. Match a Glacier with any color and it will explode the crystals on the board with that color.



Windchill + Iceberg Combo - When you combine a windchill and an iceberg, it will explode multiple rows and columns.

Windchill + Glacier Combo - Turns all the crystals that are the same color as the windchill into a windchill and then all those crystals will explode. 

Iceberg + Glacier Combo - Know the answer? Leave us message below!