Fear for Sale: The 13 Keys: Chapter Two: The Nightmare Begins

Our Fear for Sale: The 13 Keys Walkthrough will guard your back as you prepare yourself to spend a night in Room 13 of the Hotel Berkeley. When things take a turn for the worst, and your world becomes transformed into something out of a nightmare, you'll be relieved to find our detailed game instructions, custom marked screenshots, and easy puzzle solutions won't abandon you as you search for answers in the haunted halls of the hotel.


  • Collect the receiver and the paw; select the paw to insert into the window lock.
  • Collect the tape and use it to repair the plug wire.
  • Insert the plug into the socket to trigger a hidden objects area.





  • Find the items.
  • Select the rag to clean the splatter; collect the bat.
  • Click the knob to change the image.
  • Collect the silver feather.



  • Insert the silver feather; collect the half heart and place it into the nightstand.
  • Collect the breaker switch and the doll’s arm.
  • Collect the doll and attach the doll’s arm onto the broken doll; collect the gold feather.
  • Select the gold feather and insert it into the statue; collect the flashlight.



  • Click the eye and select the flashlight to shine into the eye.
  • Place the doll to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by guiding the doll to the keyhole.
  • Use the following sequence to solve: A x 2 – B – C – A – D – C – B x 2 – A



  • Click the pillow; collect the strange key and the tile.
  • Place the receiver onto the phone and answer it.
  • Collect the stick pin and the right scale.
  • Move down once.



  • Attach and click the breaker switch to trigger a hidden objects area.





  • Find the items.
  • Select the ribbon to mold the towel into the bear; collect the towel bear.
  • Select the spray and sponge to clean the mirror; collect the mirror.
  • Click the glowing fragments and collect the can opener; use it to open the can.
  • Collect the tile.
  • Move down once.



  • Collect the scrap.
  • Insert the 3 tiles to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by arranging the tiles so that the tile background colors match the image background colors.
  • Collect the glue and click the items aside to collect the eye mask.
  • Move down once.



  • Place the right and left scales onto the scale hanger and place it onto the statue.
  • Select the eye mask to cover the statues eyes.
  • Collect the paint restorer and the knife.
  • Move to the Hallway.



  • Select the paint restorer to use on the painting and click it once.
  • Collect the magnet.
  • Move into Room 13.



  • Select the magnet to collect the number 6.
  • Move down once.



  • Insert the number 6 to release the door knob.
  • Move into Room 16.