Farm Frenzy 3: General Info and Tips

Thanks for joining us at the Farm Frenzy 3 Walkthrough. Here you will find everything you need to play this exciting time management game. We've made sure to include plenty of detailed instructions that will help you win the Presidency Farmer’s Union. We hope you enjoy our Farm Frenzy 3 Walkthrough.

Title Screen

Opening Story: In Farm Frenzy 3, help Maria obtain votes for the Presidency Farmer’s Union as you play this version of Farm Frenzy. Maria can travel to different countries and help farmers in need. The farmers will vote for Maria to obtain the Presidency of the Farmer’s Union after she helps them rebuild their farms.

General Tips for Playing Farm Frenzy 3

You can replay a level after playing it once. Once you receive gold time on a level it will stay gold even if you replay the level and don’t make gold time. Therefore you may want to replay some levels to receive additional stars to purchase items in the shop or to receive the diligent trophy or the not touching any products trophy. In previous farm frenzy games you received the time you played last on that level.

You can sell animals before they land by selecting the warehouse/truck before it lands.

Bears, jaguars and lions will toss any items they touch when they land.

When money isn’t tight and time is crucial, it’s sometimes beneficial to purchase additional items from the plane in case a bear, jaguar or lion touches the item or it is missed when the item is dropped.

You can expedite factory production by fast clicking on the factory. A thin red line will appear to the left or the right of the buildings completion meter. When the thin red line reaches the top of the meter, the building will explode.

When a dog interacts with a dangerous animal in this game, the dog disappears along with the dangerous animal.

Purchasing items from the shop allows the item or upgrade to be available on each proceeding level. Sometimes you’ll have to purchase the item or upgrade on each level.

It’s strongly recommended to purchase the cage upgrades first. Then the truck and warehouse.

Study each level before proceeding. Check the goals, the amount of time to complete the level, the buildings that are available, the amount of money given, the amount of animals given and what products are available from the helicopter.

When a level has an “X” on it; it means a building or building upgrade needs to be purchased before the level can be played or unlocked.

Collect products soon after they appear, if you wait too long, they will disappear. Make sure there is enough room in the warehouse to collect the products.

Completing a level in gold time gives you the maximum amount of stars.

ABOUT THE WALKTHROUGH- The steps in the walkthrough are for completing each level in gold time. The steps have been tried several times and gold time was received on the levels.  GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!