Farm Frenzy 3: The Art of Watering Grass

Bet you didn't know there is an art to watering the grass...but I think there is.

  • When you only have a few animals, don't empty the well at one time. Water the grass close to the warehouse (dangerous animals take longer to reach warehouse) one mouse click at a time right before the animal eats all the grass. You're water will last a lot longer and your animals won't die. Watch the blue stars at the bottom of the animal for its' health, the fewer the stars the worse its' health.
  • Emptying the well at one time and letting the grass sit, some of the grass will die, so there isn't as much to feed the animals.
  • When you have a lot of animals empty the well near the warehouse at the bottom of the screen.
  • Beware when you use the automatic sprinkler, it waters the grass all over the farm and you can loose more animals to dangerous animals. You have to have money to run the automatic sprinkler...if it's not working, you probably don't have enough money.
  • Also, the larger the well the less money it takes to fill up.
  • Basic well water costs $19 to fill
  • First upgrade well water costs $17 to fill
  • Second upgrade well water costs $15 to fill
  • Automatic sprinkler costs $7
  • When a dog interacts with a dangerous animal in this game, the dog disappears along with the dangerous animal.