Fairly Twisted Tales: The Price Of A Rose: Chapter One: The Cave on the Coast

Our Fairly Twisted Tales: The Price of a Rose Walkthrough will be your guide as you attempt to discover the truth in this mysterious kingdom. When Bella agrees to stay with the beast in exchange for her father’s life you are called to see if there isn’t a way to rescue her. Now you must use your wits to find the scroll that could be the key to saving Bella. Our helpful hints, step-by-step instructions, and custom screen shots will help you as you race to find a happy ending in this twisted tale.

Cave on Coast

  • Click the shimmering SHELL and add it to your inventory
  • Click on the overturned boat. 
  • Use the SHELL on the sand. 
  • Add the GOGGLES to your inventory
  • Enter the cave by placing the cursor over the cave, it turns to an arrow. Click to go forward.

The Cave

  • Click to open inventory
  • Select GOGGLES and use them on the pool

Pool in the Cave

  • Find the items on the list
  • Select the numbers on the rock
  • Select the trunk which will open to reveal the voodoo doll
  • After all items are located collect the RUSTY KNIFE for your inventory
  • The items on the list may differ from those on this list because it’s random
  • Return to the coast outside


Back Outside

  • Pick up the RUSTY KNIFE from your inventory and sever the rope hanging from the cliff.
  • Collect the WOODEN PEG for your inventory
  • Collect the FLINT AND STEEL for your inventory; this item is revealed when the waterfall is stopped
  • Magnify the cannon and shoot it by lighting the fuse with the FLINT AND STEEL from the inventory
  • Get the CANNONBALL for the inventory
  • Magnify the crab
  • Use the WOODEN PEG previously collected to plug one of the holes
  • The crab will then let you grab the PUZZLE PIECE
  • Go back inside the cave by clicking the entrance
  • Magnify the puzzle on the floor

Cave Puzzle

  • Place the PUZZLE PIECE from the crab into the empty spot

Puzzle Button Order

  • After clicking the buttons in the above order a CHEST KEY will appear
  • Click on the CHEST KEY and grab it for the inventory

Finish Chapter 1

  • Place the CANNONBALL from the inventory in the empty spot in the row of cannonballs
  • Select cannonball numbers, 1, 8, and 5.  They will automatically be placed in the scales basket
  • Pull the lever the chest will appear hanging on the rope in the back of the room
  • Magnify the chest

  • Grab the CHEST KEY from the inventory and open the chest