Fairly Twisted Tales: The Price Of A Rose: Chapter Two: The Invitation

Our Fairly Twisted Tales: The Price of a Rose Walkthrough will be your guide as you attempt to discover the truth in this mysterious kingdom. When Bella agrees to stay with the beast in exchange for her father’s life you are called to see if there isn’t a way to rescue her. Now you must use your wits to find the scroll that could be the key to saving Bella. Our helpful hints, step-by-step instructions, and custom screen shots will help you as you race to find a happy ending in this twisted tale.

The Caravan Camper

  • Take the ANCIENT SCROLL from your inventory and give to Raphael. This will trigger a puzzle.

The Scroll Code

  • Click the labeled buttons in the following order: 2,2,1,1,2,1,1
  • Collect the ANCIENT SCROLL, read the information, and add the ANCIENT SCROLL to your inventory.
  • Pick up the HAMMER that's by the fire for the inventory.
  • Click the wagon on the right to enter.

  • Click on the sparkles to zoom in.
  • Open the center drawer.

  • Collect the items that are on the list.
  • Finally, find the INVITATION.

  • Back in the caravan interior click the open book on the desk chair.
  • Place your cursor near the bottom of the screen to exit the caravan.
  • Outside, place your cursor near the top of the screen, click to take the road.


  • Click on the row boat.
  • Click on the ROPE and collect it for the inventory.
  • Click on the man, Malger, on the road to talk to him.
  • Click on the downed tree for useful information.
  • Place your cursor on the manor house and click to go to dinner

  • Click the paper that’s on the path.
  • Click the front door of the manor house.

  • Give the INVITATION to the doorman.

Front Door

  • Click the front door to enter the entry foyer.

The Salon

  • Talk to all of the different people in the room
  • Use the  ANCIENT SCROLL on the painting to reveal another line
  • Enter the salon through the doors on the right

The Salon

  • Talk with all the people here too
  • Leave the salon going back out into the foyer.
  • Now you can open the dining room doors.
  • Enter and be sure to talk to the men to receive the LOCKBOX PIECE you will need back in the salon

Dining Room Doors

  • Once the task is completed in the dining room, return to the salon.

Back in the Salon

  • Remove the PUZZLEBOX PIECE and place it in the box on the round table. 
  • Click the box to open it.
  • The pieces need to be ordered from left to right 1) at the bottom, 2) one before the bottom, 3) all the way to the bottom and the fourth column where the new piece is inserted needs to be positioned all the way to the bottom.

Backdoor Key

  • When the box is open grab the letter and the BACKDOOR KEY
  • Use your BACKDOOR KEY to exit the French doors
  • Go to the backyard


  • Click on the Gazebo

In the Gazebo

  • This will begin a hidden object scene
  • Find everything on the list
  • Add the page from a diary circled above to your journal
  • Leave and return to the Foquet Manor Backyard

The Big Gear

  • Grab the BIG GEAR
  • Move the cursor around the left center side of the screen to locate the forest entrance
  • Click to enter the forest

The Forest

  • Click the poster to collect for the journal
  • Move the cursor to the top center to go to the Hunters Camp; click

hunters camp

  • Click the sparkles at the entrance to the tent to play a hidden objects scene


Unlit Torch

  • Collect everything on the list
  • After everything is found locate the UNLIT TORCH and be sure to grab it

light the torch

  • Open the inventory
  • Grab the UNLIT TORCH
  • Place it into the fire and it will become a LIT TORCH
  • Next grab the MEDIUM-SIZED GEAR by the tent for the inventory
  • Go forward and deeper into the forest

Sun Disc

  • Cursor around and locate the path to the waterfall; click

The Water

  • Collect the SMALL GEAR hiding in the rocks
  • Check out the shrub and scare out the snake
  • Chase it away with the new LIT TORCH in the inventory
  • Click the sparkles in the waterfall to reveal the hidden object scene


Bolt Cutters

  • After all the pieces are found the BOLT CUTTERS will be added to your inventory
  • Go back on the forest path until you reach  the forest entrance

The Forest Entrance

  • Click on the base of the tree
  • Light the lantern with the LIT TORCH
  • Cut the chains off the trunk with the new BOLT CUTTER
  • Grab the SPEAR inside
  • Go back to the Forest Path
  • Take the Northern Trail

Northern Trail

  • Click the sparkles circled in the image
  • Place the BIG, MEDIUM and SMALL GEARS in their spots in the mechanism.
  • Use the spear collected for the lever.
  • Place the rope from the inventory around the gear in the upper right hand corner.
  • Now the gears can be moved around

Gear Arrangement

  • To help align the gears in the exact configuration use the grid pattern and the dots to count over and up, etc.
  • Pull the lever
  • Cursor around the Northern Trail to find the Snow Covered Trail

Snow Covered Trail

  • Grab the ORANGE in the middle of the trail
  • Cursor around until the trail to Castle Lane is revealed; click