Disney Hidden Worlds: Playing Hidden Object Scenes

Our Disney Hidden Worlds Walkthrough will help guide you as you play through the gorgeous magical scenes of some of your favorite Disney movies. Here you'll discover everything you need to know about playing this enchanting hidden object game including detailed information on gameplay mechanics as well as hints and tips to make your gaming experience that much more enjoyable.

General Information & Tips
Playing Hidden Object Scenes

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Playing Hidden Object Scenes in Disney Hidden Worlds

Items to find: Across the top of every hidden object scene, you’ll see a list of the items to find. Items names and the objects themselves disappear as they are found. You find items by clicking or tapping depending on the interface you are using (web or mobile).



Alter the scene: You can widen the scene or shrink and zoom to divide it into sections, each with a list of objects to find. If you zoom into to play in sections, the list of items that need finding shrinks to show only those that can be found in the section of the screen. This is a particularly handy tool when playing on a phone or other small screen.


Hints: The magnifying glass in the top left corner can be used to highlight a random object that needs to be found.


“Dependent items": To access some scenes, you will need to have found certain items from previously opened scenes. Before selecting a scene, you’ll see the type of ink and items you can potentially find on that level. These items are found automatically as you progress through the scene. You may need to play a certain scene several times, which I found rather annoying due to the lack of variety. For example, if you play the “town” scene from Beauty and the Beast without finding the inks you need, you’ll be required to play again, but seldom are the items changed. Finding a green umbrella time after time after time just isn’t that much fun.


Craft items: You may find that some items can be found. That’s because you are required to craft these items by combining two or more found items in order to progress. The crafting process takes time unless you are willing to use gems.  

Craft Items


New and Upgraded Scenes: As you craft or find items and ink, you’ll open new scenes within each individual movie. More open as you move through the story. You can also use items and ink to upgrade scenes, which will then allow gameplay for less fuel.


Social: The social aspect of Disney Hidden Worlds also you to invite friends to play with you via Facebook, Game Center or the in-game community. When you play with friends you can trade messages, share fuel boosts and other gifts, or take time off any crafting projects you may have in the queue. Access the Friends tab in the Friends Message Center and click on Speed Craft. Note: Playing through Facebook allows you to switch between playing on mobile or Facebook.


Repeat Scenes: Playing hidden object scenes earns stars. When  the stars on a scene are filled, it’s considered mastered. Because many of the quests require you to master scenes anyway, you may want to play each two consecutive times provided you have ample fuel. You’ll know where everything is, finish faster, earn more points and fill your stars.


Congratulations! You are ready to play Disney Hidden Worlds!

General Information & Tips
Playing Hidden Object Scenes

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