Disney Hidden Worlds: General Information & Tips

Our Disney Hidden Worlds Walkthrough will help guide you as you play through the gorgeous magical scenes of some of your favorite Disney movies. Here you'll discover everything you need to know about playing this enchanting hidden object game including detailed information on gameplay mechanics as well as hints and tips to make your gaming experience that much more enjoyable.

General Information & Tips
Playing Hidden Object Scenes

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Welcome to our Disney Hidden Worlds Walkthrough, where you'll find everything you'll need to know to get started in this enchanting hidden object game.


Disney Hidden Worlds is a hidden object game designed for tablets and other mobile devices. It boasts the trademark Disney beautiful artwork within a simplistic game format of finding objects within “stills” from some of Disney’s most famous movies.

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Getting Started with Disney Hidden Worlds

You begin with Beauty and the Beast and, as you progress, you’ll unlock new scenes within that world as well as those of Aladdin, Tangled, and The Little Mermaid. These new scenes are opened by the “Inklings,” the little rascals who make all this possible. You’re told the Inklings can craft anything and as the hunter and finder, you provide them with bottles of ink and other items to do just that.


Disney Hidden Worlds is free and, forgive me if I say so, it needs to be. The game isn’t particularly challenging despite being gorgeous to look at. Even my 10-year-old, self-confessed Disney addict tired of the increasingly similar activities.

Your guide for these adventures is Chrona who is trying to rescue these classic Disney flicks from a strange little ink man.


The majority of the activities revolve around the aforementioned hidden object scenes based on movie stills. As such the items are rarely “hidden” and quite easy to find. If you are expecting the wild and wonderful “junkpiles” from traditional HOA games, you’ll be disappointed.

Basic Gameplay for Disney Hidden Worlds

You are transported in a flying zeppelin over the Disney “worlds” tied to the specific movies. Unavailable worlds are grayed out.

Fuel: When you access a hidden object scene from the map screen, it will cost you in the form of a certain amount of fuel. Fuel may be replenished with gems (the game’s currency which can be purchased). Alternatively you can wait for the fuel to recharge automatically.

Quest: Use the icons on the left side of the screen if you aren’t sure how to proceed. These quests explain what you need to do.

Options: The gear icon on the top right of the map screen can be used to adjust sound, sign into social media or access technical support.

Gems: Use gems to complete tasks that usually require time to complete, like crafting new items or a quick fuel refill.

General Information & Tips
Playing Hidden Object Scenes

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