Dark Dimensions: City of Ash: Chapter Four: Island Bound

Consult our Dark Dimensions City of Ash Walkthrough when things go from bad to worse in the soot-filled town of Phoenix Hill, CA. Explore this latest Dark Dimension with confidence using our custom screenshots, detailed instructions, and puzzle solutions as your guide, knowing that your presence has sparked the ire of the looming volcano, and the earth has begun to rumble in barely contained anger. Can you track down the source of this outrage and close this Dark Dimension before it's too late? You can, with our Dark Dimension Walkthrough at your side!


  • Zoom into the net and collect it.
  • Click the gazebo; collect the code.
  • Move ahead to the Park.



  • Zoom into the waterfall.
  • Select the net to collect the car handle, and then use it to collect the fish.
  • Zoom into the name on the trellis.
  • Click the briefcase 2 times; adjust the lock to spell AUDREY.
  • Collect the letter “I.”
  • Move across the bridge to Owen’s house.



  • Zoom into the cat and give it the fish.
  • Click the leaves and collect the medal.
  • Click the car and insert the car handle.
  • Click the handle to access a hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Insert the key into the glove box; collect the sunglasses.
  • Select the lighter to ignite the paper; collect the ash.
  • Place the photo onto the document; collect the driver’s license.
  • Attach the ring onto the Eiffel tower; collect the keychain.
  • Collect the Klaxon horn.
  • Move back 2 times.



  • Click the owl and use the Klaxon horn.
  • Collect the letter “E.”
  • Move to Owen’s house.
  • Click the car to access a hidden objects area.



  • Find the silhouetted items.
  • Collect the box.
  • Move back 2 times.



  • Click the gazebo.
  • Insert the box into the tool chest to trigger a puzzle.
  • Click the drawers in ABC order.
  • Collect the nail puller.
  • Move to Owen’s house.



  • Click the drain.
  • Select the nail puller to remove the lid; collect the letter “A.”
  • Click the door; insert the letters “I,” “E,” and “A.”
  • Insert the key into the lock.
  • Move into the mansion to the Hall.



  • Click the antlers then click the clothing; collect the broom.
  • Click the table then click the bottle; collect the sharp glass.
  • Move up the staircase.



  • Collect the key.



  • Click the wolf head; collect the dagger 1 /2.
  • Click the chair.
  • Select the sharp glass and use it to cut the patch; collect the pages and the heart.
  • Click the display case.
  • Select the broom to clear the cobwebs.
  • Then click the display case again to access a hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Attach the mace head onto the handle; collect the mace.
  • Insert the arrow into the crossbow; collect the loaded crossbow.
  • Select the scissors to cut the feather; collect the plumage.
  • Insert the shotgun shells into the belt; collect the loaded bandolier.
  • Collect the saw.
  • Move back once.



  • Click the antlers.
  • Select the saw to cut the antler; collect the horns.
  • Click the table; insert the heart into the trinket box and collect the eye.
  • Move upstairs.



  • Click the mounted heads.
  • Attach the horn onto the moose and the pages onto the crest to trigger a puzzle.
  • Match the horns to the heads.
  • Collect the snake tile.
  • Move back 3 times.



  • Click the crypt door and insert the snake tile to trigger a puzzle.
  • Line up the rings to create the correct symbol in the gold bracket that represent the outer orbs.
  • Move into the Vault.