Dark Dimensions: City of Ash: Chapter Two: Diving into the Deep End

Consult our Dark Dimensions City of Ash Walkthrough when things go from bad to worse in the soot-filled town of Phoenix Hill, CA. Explore this latest Dark Dimension with confidence using our custom screenshots, detailed instructions, and puzzle solutions as your guide, knowing that your presence has sparked the ire of the looming volcano, and the earth has begun to rumble in barely contained anger. Can you track down the source of this outrage and close this Dark Dimension before it's too late? You can, with our Dark Dimension Walkthrough at your side!


  • Click the diving board; collect the volcano tile 1 /2.
  • Click the tool chest; collect the pliers.
  • Click the water pipe and place the valve onto the stem.
  • Select the blow torch to remove the grate; collect the glass cutter.
  • Click the door and insert the coin to trigger a puzzle.
  • Click the tiles as follows to solve.
  • (B – H) (H – M) (M – H) (G –Q) (Q) (P – E) (E –C) (C – E) (F –D) (D – K) (K –R) (R –A) (A- J) (J) (N – O) (O – I) (I –L) (L – I) (I).
  • Enter the doorway.



  • Click the crate.
  • Select the pliers to remove the nails.
  • Attach the drill bit to the drill; collect the drill.
  • Click the ash pile 4 times; collect the key.
  • Move back once.



  • Click the diving board.
  • Select the drill to remove the 3 screws; collect the diving board.
  • Move ahead.



  • Lay the diving board over the gap.
  • Click the window; collect the fan.
  • Click the door and insert the key; click it once.
  • Enter the doorway.



  • Click the bag.
  • Attach the combination dial onto the lock.
  • Look at the notebook; collect Audrey’s photo and the notebook.
  • Click the display case.
  • Remove the dust using the fan; a puzzle will trigger.
  • Arrange the corner numbers to add up to the sides.
  • Collect the punch card.



  • Click the lockers; insert the punch card.
  • Click the locker once more; collect the rope ladder.
  • Move back once.



  • Click the pictures; insert Audrey’s photo and collect the mosaic tile 1 /3.
  • Click the window.
  • Attach the rope ladder onto the hooks.
  • Move through the window.



  • Click the door; collect the razor.
  • Move to the pool.



  • Click the cloth and cut it with the razor.
  • Click under the cloth to access a hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Select the skull and place it near the crossbones; collect the Jolly Roger.
  • Place the cup under the snake; collect the snake poison.
  • Attach the skate blade onto the skate shoe; collect the ice skate.
  • Attach the sail onto the boat; collect the sail boat.
  • Collect the angel.
  • Move back one time.



  • Click the window.
  • Cut the glass using the glass cutter; collect the 2nd angel.
  • Click the statue base; insert the 2 angels and collect the volcano tile 2 /2.
  • Move to the Town Square.



  • Click the note and read it; collect the note and the mosaic tile 2 /3.
  • Click the bench and insert the 2 volcano tiles to trigger a puzzle.
  • Align the volcanos into the correct sequence.
  • Click the buttons as shown to complete the puzzle.
  • B – A – C – C
  • Collect the zipper pull and the play button.
  • Move to the pool.



  • Click the purse; attach the zipper pull.
  • Collect the hood ornament.
  • Click the cassette player and insert the play button; collect the photos.
  • Move to the parking.



  • Click the car; attach and click the hood ornament.
  • Collect the lever.
  • Move to the Town Square.



  • Click the fountain and play the radio; collect the newspaper.
  • Insert the lever and click it once.
  • Click the fountain again to access a hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Attach the valve onto the faucet.
  • Select the fish and insert it into the fish bowl; collect the gold fish bowl.
  • Insert the corkscrew into the bottle; collect the message in a bottle.
  • Sift the sand in the strainer; collect the diamonds.
  • Smash the piggy bank using the hammer; collect the coins.
  • Click the ivy; collect the trident.
  • Attach the trident to the statue; collect Poseidon.
  • Collect the tile.



  • Click the door and insert the tile to trigger a puzzle.
  • Illuminate all the sections.
  • Click the tiles in ABC order.
  • Move into the doorway.