Cut the Rope 2: The Nommies

Our Cut the Rope 2 Walkthrough is live and ready to help you fully enjoy this exciting sequel to the Cut the Rope series as you once again help feed Om Nom his favorite food - CANDY! We've made sure to include detailed information on how to play as well as information on all the objects, friends, and powerups you'll encounter as you play.

Meet the Nommies! These little guys are here to help our hungry hero Om Nom get all his stars and eat his delicious candy too! Each Nommie has a special ability, so take some time to learn how to make use of these special friends.




Roto - Roto is an adorable little flying creature who is able to carry things like logs, candy, and even Om Nom!




Lick - Just look at those chubby little cheeks! Lick is a lizard like creature who can make bridges with his long tongue and help Om Nom reach new places.




Boo - Well with that mouthful of teeth, who wouldn't be scared... Boo is a little monster who scares poor Om Nom and helps him reach candy that's high up.




Toss - Aptly named, Toss does just that... tosses stuff.




Blue - Blue is capable of cloning himself, helping to lift Om Nom up as you stack more clones on top of each other.