Cut the Rope 2: Difficult Level Solutions

Our Cut the Rope 2 Walkthrough is live and ready to help you fully enjoy this exciting sequel to the Cut the Rope series as you once again help feed Om Nom his favorite food - CANDY! We've made sure to include detailed information on how to play as well as information on all the objects, friends, and powerups you'll encounter as you play.

In this guide for Cut the Rope 2, we've provided a general overview of the game and how to play. If you're looking for a particular solution to a level, please leave a comment below to let us know what level you would like the solution to, and we'll work on getting that level solution up on the site ASAP.

Sandy Dam - Level 10

  1. Om Nom will start this level off sliding. Quickly click on the bottom Lick to unfurl his tongue.
  2. Let Om Nom slide just enough to get the star, and then release the top Lick's tongue before he can eat the candy.
  3. Om Nom will then fall on second Lick's tongue. Let him slide to the rock on the right to collect the second star. Tap the bottom Lick to retract his tongue.
  4. Cut the rope on the candy so it will fall and collect the star and then lift up on the balloon.
  5. Tap the bottom Lick again to put out his tongue.
  6. Tap the balloon with the candy to pop it and watch the candy fall and roll right into Om Nom's mouth.

Here's a video of the solution in case you need to see exactly how it's done.