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Tips and Tricks

  • Don't forget to click on all the buildings whenever you travel. Things change all the time and clicking on the buildings are what can start a new quest.
  • When you see the Fireworks in San Francisco, you've won the game!
  • People will invite you to randomly play 2 different games of chance: In one game, you have to roll dice, in the other, you randomly reveal dollar amounts without getting the "whammy"
  • You can't gain access into certain buildings until you reach a certain level
  • If you are just trying to raise money by manufacturing chocolates, fly between Jakarta and the Amazon. At four weeks, it's the longest trip!
  • You will receive random telegrams throughout the game that either give you money or announce a worker's strike!
  • Try to buy seasonal items when they are IN SEASON! Saves a lot of $$
  • Be careful when haggling in the secret locations… they basically know they are the only source of the ingredients and don't take too kindly to haggling.
  • If you haggle too much with a shop owner, their prices skyrocket!
  • Look at the shopkeeper's face before deciding to haggle… If they are smiling, go for it!
  • Don't stockpile a lot of ingredients unless you plan to use them right away! Unused ingredients will rot in storage and you don't get you money back!
  • Try to keep a small supply of flowers handy for bribing shops. One crate of flowers per bribe.
  • Don't forget to have enough $$ to travel when you go to the secret locations!! There are NO shops there and if you don't have enough $$ to travel out of there, you'll have to restart the game!!!
  • Cacao beans are only available in cities near the equator
  • Chocolates with more expensive/rare ingredients sell better than those with simple ingredients.

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