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Here are the awards you will collect throughout the game

1. "Chocolatier to Watch" Trophy - For Achieving the rank of "Novice"
2. Squares Silver Salver - For collecting at least 6 squares recipes
3. Chocolate lovers society "One To Taste" Award - For achieving the rank of "Entrepreneur"
4. Erlenmyer Flask of Distinction - For acquiring the chocolate taster's laboratory
5. Pioneers of the Palate Bust - For developing at least 2 recipes in the tasting lab
6. Society of Increased Indulgence Badge of Honor - For acquiring at least 7 infusion recipes
7. United Confectioners Expansion Crystal - For acquiring your first shop
8. Antonin Careme Memorial Cylinder - For acquiring at least 9 sauce recipes
9. International Society of Chocolatier's Leadership Chalice - For Achieving the rank of "Chocolatier"
10. Royal Sweedish Acadamy of Sweets Medal of Distinction - For acquiring at least 10 Praline recipes
11. Award: Baumeister Foundation Shining Ruby - For Achieving the rank of "Master Chocolatier"
12. Westfield Explorer's Club Bronze Globe - For visiting every port
13. Chocolate Historical Guild Champion of Industry Prize - For taking over all six factories
14. World Chocolate Congress Annual Achievement Disc - For acquiring at least 11 Truffle recipes
15. International Year of Chocolate Shimmering Star - For filling the entire recipe book

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