Viking Saga

Our Viking Saga Walkthrough will ease your pain and frustration as you attempt to help the youngest Viking brother locate the dwarf who put a curse on his father's ring years ago. Use our helpful tips and advice as well as our video solutions for each and every level to earn the 3-star rating you crave.

Welcome to our Viking Saga Walkthrough, a comprehensive guide filled with helpful tips and video solutions of each and every level demonstrating how to achieve those hard-to-reach expert times. 

Title Screen

Opening Story:

In Viking Sagajoin the youngest brother in an old viking family, Ingolf, as you set sail on a fantastic Viking journey to find the dwarf who cursed his father's ring so long ago. Journey through lands plagued by storms and set things right as you travel ever nearer to the mountains and your destination. Can you find the Dwarf who cursed your father and set things right once and for all? Find out in this exciting viking time management game!

General Tips for Viking Saga

Quests - These are found at the bottom of the screen. Stay focused and work as quickly as possible to achieve them. 

Demolish Building - To demolish a building, click on the demolish button in the top right hand corner of your screen and then drag it to the building you would like to demolish.

Obstacles - You'll encounter certain obstacles along the road that will need to be removed. Make sure you have the resources to remove them and then click to move. Some examples of obstacles are pits, wood piles, and fallen trees.

Bonus Panel - Your Bonus Panel is at the bottom of your screen and will progress as you play a level. Keep an eye on this and use the boosts when possible. Some examples of boosts are boots, which make your vikings run faster, Helmet, which will give you an extra Viking, and Crossed Axes, which will make your vikings build faster. Use these boosts wisely as you may not be able to defeat a level without them.

Residential Buildings - These provide silver and are necessary if you're going to purchase items from the resources buildings like the saw mills and farms. Unlike traditional time management games that continue to produce resources, in Viking Saga, you will need to pay for what you want.

Resource Buildings - Resource building will produce items like food and lumber, but you will need silver to pay for them.

Main Base - The base provides resources and can be upgraded to produce more viking workers.

Upgrades - Upgrading buildings will make them produce more resources or silver. Upgrade as soon as you can in a level to give your production a big boost.

NPCs - Non-player Characters will often have extra quests for you to accomplish. Keep an eye out for an exclamation point and click on them to talk in order to take on their special quest.

And those are the basics for playing Viking Saga. Special thanks to Sipason for the videos. We wish you good luck and hope you enjoy our Viking Saga Walkthrough!