Viking Saga: Levels 11 - 20

Our Viking Saga Walkthrough will ease your pain and frustration as you attempt to help the youngest Viking brother locate the dwarf who put a curse on his father's ring years ago. Use our helpful tips and advice as well as our video solutions for each and every level to earn the 3-star rating you crave.

Please note that this page for our Viking Saga Walkthrough may take a few moments to load as we've included videos for each level.

Level 11

Goal: Activate the Rune Pillar, Repair the Ferry


Level 12

Goal: Build a House (4), Open the Ancient Gate, Drive the Bear Away (5)


Level 13

Goal: Repair the Bridge (4), Talk to the Miner.


Level 14

Goal: Repair the Bridge (4), Build a Saw Mill, Talk to the Lumberjack.


Level 15

Goal: Make a Campfire (3), Upgrade the House to Level 2 (4), Talk to the Elder.


Level 16

Goal: Build a Druid's Hut


Level 17

Goal: Repair the Bridge (3), Activate, the Rune Pillar (4), Feed the Yeti (2).


Level 18

Goal: Build a Druid's Hut (3), Talk to the Elder.


Level 19

Goal: Repair the Deck (5), Remove the Obstacles (11), Build a Chamber (3), Drive the Bear Away (5)


Level 20

Goal: Upgrade the Chamber to Level 2 (3), Collect Presents (10), Take Care of the Reindeer (3).