Royal Detective: The Lord of Statues

In our Royal Detective: Lord of Statues Walkthrough you'll discover a detailed casebook, brimming with the information and screenshots you need to save the charming alpine village of Martlet from rogue statues come to life! What made these statues come alive is a mystery, and only you, the Royal Detective assigned to the case, can stop them from destroying the quiet town of Martlet!

Thanks for joining us at the [b]Royal Detective: The Lord of Statues Walkthrough[/b]. Here, you'll find everything you need to play this exciting hidden object adventure game. This walkthrough includes custom screenshots with all the items and locations marked for you, as well as detailed instructions on how to beat each and every section of the game. We hope you enjoy this exciting HOG game. [b]Opening Story:[/b] In[b] Royal Detective: Lord of Statues[/b], it's up to you to save the alpine village of Martlet from statues who have come to life! What made these statues come alive, and how can you stop them from destroying the town? Can you discover who enchanted the statues and why in this charming hidden object game before it's too late? [gimg]/Royal-Detective-Lord-Statues/images/01-title.jpg[/gimg] [b]Royal Detective: The Lord of Statues[/b] offers three levels of game play: Casual, Advanced, and Hardcore. In Casual, most interactive gameplay areas sparkle and the hint button recharges quickly. Advanced has no sparkles and the hint button takes longer to recharge. Hardcore is for those who require no help… that means no sparkles, no hints, no skips. For those playing with some sort of [b]hint function[/b], you will make use of a small statue called Rupert. Rupert speaks to you in the beginning and then takes up residence in the bottom right corner of the screen. Click Rupert to receive hints. In both Casual and Advanced game play, hints are unlimited, but must recharge. The [b]skip button[/b] may be used, but requires a wait time. The [b]map and menu[/b] are in the lower left, opposite Rupert. Check the map to keep track of where you've been and where you should go next. Use the menu button to toggle options or return to the main menu at any point during the game. [b]Inventory items[/b] reside in a bar at the bottom of the screen. In this walkthrough, they are identified in CAPS. Within hidden object areas, [b]blue items require an additional action[/b] of some sort before they can be taken. The game has [b]26 Miniature Figurines[/b] distributed throughout various scenes. We hope you enjoy our [b]Royal Detective: The Lord of Statues Walkthrough[/b]!