Royal Detective: The Lord of Statues: Chapter 6: The Wagon

In our Royal Detective: Lord of Statues Walkthrough you'll discover a detailed casebook, brimming with the information and screenshots you need to save the charming alpine village of Martlet from rogue statues come to life! What made these statues come alive is a mystery, and only you, the Royal Detective assigned to the case, can stop them from destroying the quiet town of Martlet!

The following contains screenshots and instructions on how to complete Chapter 6 from the CGG [b]Royal Detective: Lord of Statues Walkthrough.[/b] [gimg]/Royal-Detective-Lord-Statues/images/112-chapter-6-archer-hoa.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Play the Hidden Object area behind the Archer. [/item] [item]Find the objects listed. [/item] [item]Receive the HERO'S SHIELD.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Royal-Detective-Lord-Statues/images/113-chapter-6-oven.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the stove on the left. [/item] [item]Melt the ICE HEAD on the embers. [/item] [item]Take the HERO'S HEAD.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Royal-Detective-Lord-Statues/images/114-chapter-6-foot.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the Archer's left foot. [/item] [item]Take the NOTES 1/4. [/item] [item]Go to the Garden, then move forward to the Wagon. [/item] [item]Click anywhere to watch a cutscene.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Royal-Detective-Lord-Statues/images/115-chapter-6-wagon.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom in on the cages in the back of the wagon to take the PENDANT PARTS (x4). [/item] [item]Take Miniature 22/26.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Royal-Detective-Lord-Statues/images/116-chapter-6-chest.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the chest towards the left. [/item] [item]Use the PENDANT PARTS (x4) on the indentation to open the chest and start a puzzle. [/item] [item]The object of the puzzle is to make all of the triangles blue. [/item] [item]The triangles change color when you click on them. [/item] [item]Several solution variations exist. [/item] [item]The best strategy is to start from a corner and work towards the middle. [/item] [item]If you click on a triangle wrong, you can always click to change it back or click the ones around it to fix it. [/item] [item]Keep trying different on-off patterns and you’ll soon find that there’s a certain ‘rhythm’ to making the color change progress.[/item] [item]When finished, play the Hidden Object Area.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Royal-Detective-Lord-Statues/images/117-chapter-6-skull-hoa.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Find the items listed. [/item] [item]Receive the HERO'S SWORD. [/item] [item]Return to the Tower Chamber.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Royal-Detective-Lord-Statues/images/118-chapter-6-hero.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the wardrobe on the left again. [/item] [item]Use the HERO'S DIAGRAM on the torn paper on the upper right and the HERO'S HEAD on the empty shelf on the left to initiate a puzzle. [/item] [item]The object of the puzzle is to assemble the statue as it is shown in the drawing. [/item] [item]Click on the lever to slide the boxes. [/item] [item]See screenshot for solution. [/item] [item]When finished, place the HERO'S SHIELD and the HERO'S SWORD on the completed statue. [/item] [item]Take the HERO. [/item] [item]Return to Amadey's Secret Room.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Royal-Detective-Lord-Statues/images/119-chapter-6-chimera.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Place the HERO on the chimera on the right to watch a cutscene. [/item] [item]When finished, zoom into the ruin on the floor. [/item] [item]Take the RED EYES 8/12. [/item] [item]Go through the hole in the wall on the right to the Chapel.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Royal-Detective-Lord-Statues/images/120-chapter-6-chapel.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the bow statue towards the left. [/item] [item]Take Miniature 23/26 and NOTES 2/4. [/item] [item]Zoom into the organ on the right to initiate a puzzle.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Royal-Detective-Lord-Statues/images/121-chapter-6-angel.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]The object of the puzzle is to help the angel fly away by flying it up and down through a series of slotted barriers that slide across from right to left. [/item] [item]Click the keys to change the height of the angel's flight as the barriers slide across – you’ll get the idea with a little practice. [/item] [item]It simply comes down to timing and remembering the sequence. [/item] [item]Click the Play button on the upper left when ready. [/item] [item]Assuming the keys are numbered one to three from left to right, click in this order: 2, 1, 3, 2, 1, 2, 1-1, 3, 2, 3, 1, 2, 1, 2. When finished, take NOTES 3/4. [/item] [item]Return to the Mansion Hall and watch a cutscene. [/item] [item]Have your ROOSTER distract the Angel statue. [/item] [item]Proceed up the steps to the Princess Statue.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Royal-Detective-Lord-Statues/images/122-chapter-6-princess.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Take the NOTES 4/4. [/item] [item]Return to the Backyard House Entrance.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Royal-Detective-Lord-Statues/images/123-chapter-6-music.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the music stand. [/item] [item]Place the NOTES on the stand to initiate a Hidden Object Area.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Royal-Detective-Lord-Statues/images/124-chapter-6-music-HOA.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Find the items listed. [/item] [item]Receive the HARP STRING. [/item] [item]Return to the Chapel.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Royal-Detective-Lord-Statues/images/125-chapter-6-bow-statue.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the bow statue. [/item] [item]Place the HARP STRING on the bow statue. [/item] [item]Take the BOW. Return to the Optics Workshop. [/item] [item]Give the BOW to the Archer. [/item] [item]Watch the cutscene. [/item] [item]Go outside to the Square. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Royal-Detective-Lord-Statues/images/126-chapter-6-stone-head.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Zoom into the stone head on the ground towards the right, near the pedestal. [/item] [item]Take the RED EYES 10/12 and the METAL WING. [/item] [item]Return to the Tower Chamber.[/item] [/LIST] Congratulations! You've completed Chapter 6 from the [b]Royal Detective: Lord of Statues Walkthrough![/b]