Panda Pop

Our Panda Pop Walkthrough is prepared to do what's necessary to help you take on this very important mission - saving super adorable baby pandas. We've made sure to include all your general information, tips, and hints that you'll need to ensure no baby panda is harmed or left crying in this bubble popping match 3 game.

Welcome to our Panda Pop Walkthrough, where you'll find everything you'll need to play this super adorable bubble popping match 3 game.

In this guide, we've provided a general overview of the game and how to play Panda Pop. If you're looking for a particular strategy to a level, please leave a comment below to let us know what level you would like the solution to, and we'll work on getting that level solution up on the site.

Please enjoy our Panda Pop Walkthrough!

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Basic Tips for Panda Pop

Downloading the Game: The first step to enjoying this adorable bubble match 3 adventure is to download Panda Pop. Simply click the Buy link above or click here now to get started.

Game Objective: The objective to Panda Pop is to help Mamma Panda save her babies who are tragically caught up in bubbles above her. Help her aim her bubbles so she can free her little ones and stop the evil Badboon. You'll need to match 3 or more colors of bubbles in order to properly pop them and make them fall off the board.

Pause Button: The Pause button is found in the top left corner. By clicking on this, you can bring up the options menu. From here you can return to the map, replay the level, play the level, or change your settings.

Tap to Aim - Mamma Panda will heave the bubble where you tell her to. To aim, simply tap the screen and hold your finger on the screen to see the trajectory line. Release your finger when you're ready to hurl the bubble.

Maximum Bubbles - Each level has a maximum amount of bubbles you can use to free the baby pandas. This number is shown at the bottom of your screen on the containter holding the bubbles. You need to save all the babies before you run out of bubbles or you won't be able to complete the level.

Lives - At any time, you can have a maximim of 5 lives. Every time you fail to complete a level, you'll lose one life. There are several ways to earning more lives. One, you can simply wait. Lives recharge over time. Two, you can purchase lives through the in-app purchases. 5 Lives is $.99. Or if you hook up your account to Facebook, you can ask your friends to help you out.

Switch Bubbles - You have two bubbles you can use at all times - the one in mamma panda's hands and the one in the bubble container. To switch between them, simply tap the bubble container and she'll pick up the one that's in there.

Lanterns - You'll be able to use up to four different lanterns in the game, each representing an elemental power, fire, water, earth, and sun. These will allow you to powerup your bubbles. For a complete explanation of each lantern, check out our lantern section.

Boosters - You'll earn boosters as you play the game that will help you by giving you an extra advantage. Check out our boosters section for more details.

And that's the basics for playing Panda Pop! We hope you enjoy our Panda Pop Walkthrough!