Panda Pop: Panda Pop Boosters

Our Panda Pop Walkthrough is prepared to do what's necessary to help you take on this very important mission - saving super adorable baby pandas. We've made sure to include all your general information, tips, and hints that you'll need to ensure no baby panda is harmed or left crying in this bubble popping match 3 game.

Boosters play an important role in Panda Pop as they can help you out of a tough situation. You'll earn certain boosters as you play the game, but then once you run out, you'll have to pay for them if you want them.


  • Rainbow Bubble - A rainbow bubble can be matched with any color.
  • Super Aim - The Super Aim gives you more precise aiming, even when you bounce bubbles off the walls.
  • Super Swap - Super Swap lets you see and swap up to 3 bubbles at once.