Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera

Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera Walkthrough leads you down this tale of murder and intrigue with detailed instructions, custom screenshots, and video solutions to help you from start to finish in this exciting hidden object adventure game.

You are a stagehand in an opera company. Similar to a Scooby-Doo episode, you get stuck in an eerie looking town with a storm approaching. Your company gets murdered one at a time and you have to find the culprit. Do you have what it takes to crack the case and keep yourself alive? Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera includes seven chapters and lots of challenging puzzles. We wish you the best of luck playing the game, but should you need a hand, use the walkthrough pictures and videos as a guide. [gimg]/Nightfall-Mysteries-Curse-Opera/images/general-tips-main-screen-01.JPG[/gimg] [b]General Tips[/b] [LIST] [item]Cursors [/item] [item]Pointer - The default cursor[/item] [item]Wide Triangle - Used to move between scenes[/item] [item]Hand - Used to pick up and/or investigate items. Also used while solving puzzles.[/item] [item]Magnifying Glass - Used to get a closer look at things.[/item] [item]Jigsaw Piece - Used to activate a puzzle scene. [/item] [item]Speech Bubbles - Used to speak with characters. (Clues are provided and added to your notebook)[/item] [item]Sparkles - Area needs to be investigated.[/item] [/LIST][b]Notebook and Journal[/b] [LIST] [item]Your Notebook contains two sections a TASK LISP and a MAP. Use these if you get stuck on what to do next.[/item] [item]Important information discovered via conversations or reading documents are stored in your JOURNAL[/item] [/LIST][b]Hints[/b] [LIST] [item]The Mask in the bottom right corner can be used for a HINT. Once clicked, the mask will highlight an item for a few seconds.[/item] [item]You have unlimited HINTS, but it needs to charge 30-60 seconds before the next HINT is available.[/item] [item]Clicking on a wrong item too many times will temporarily disable HINTS[/item] [/LIST]