Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera: Chapter 4: A Gloom of Darkness

Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera Walkthrough leads you down this tale of murder and intrigue with detailed instructions, custom screenshots, and video solutions to help you from start to finish in this exciting hidden object adventure game.

[LIST] [item]Once again, the chapter begins at the Inn.[/item] [item]Talk to everybody until the lights go out. Carolina will scream and get kidnapped.[/item] [item]Vladd will ask you to go to the Electrical Room (inside the Opera House) and get a box of candles to relight the town.[/item] [/LIST][gimg]/Nightfall-Mysteries-Curse-Opera/images/Chapter-4-electrical-room-99b.JPG[/gimg] [LIST] [item]Upon entering the dark Electrical Room, press the flashing RED BUTTON. The lights will go on.[/item] [item]Complete the Hidden Object scene.[/item] [item]Use the FEATHER DUSTER to clear the SPIDER WEB.[/item] [item]Take the CANDLEBOX[/item] [item]Exit the scene.[/item] [/LIST][gimg]/Nightfall-Mysteries-Curse-Opera/images/Chapter-4-hidden-object-sapphire-101b.JPG[/gimg] [LIST] [item]Complete the Hidden Object scene.[/item] [item]You are asked to find: 4 random objects and 10 Sapphires[/item] [item]Take the SAPPHIRE EYE[/item] [/LIST][b]Light the Lamps[/b][gimg]/Nightfall-Mysteries-Curse-Opera/images/Chapter-4-lamps-103b.JPG[/gimg] [LIST] [item]There are 10 Lamps. Click on the Lamp to enlarge the scene.[/item] [item]Place the CANDLEBOX in a lamp, and then use the MATCHES to light the Candle. Make note of the:[/item] [/LIST][LIST][LIST][item]3 on the Residential Street[/item] [item]2 outside the Inn[/item] [item]2 in the Village Square[/item] [item]1 outside of the Opera House[/item] [item]1 at the Bridge[/item] [item]1 on Shop Street[/item] [/LIST][/LIST][gimg]/Nightfall-Mysteries-Curse-Opera/images/Chapter-4-butcher-shop-puzzle-122b.JPG[/gimg] [LIST] [item]The Butcher Shop will have sparkles on the door.[/item] [item]Click on the sparkles to launch the next puzzle.[/item] [item]Solve the equation.[/item][/LIST][LIST][LIST] [item](160/8)X(27+3)X(90/45)[/item] [item](20)X(30)X(2) =1200[/item] [item]Use the key to determine the correct icon.[/item] [item]Turn the KNOB once you have the solution in place.[/item] [/LIST][/LIST][LIST][item]The Butcher Shop is now unlocked.[/item] [/LIST][gimg]/Nightfall-Mysteries-Curse-Opera/images/Chapter-4-hidden-object-cross-124a.JPG[/gimg] [LIST] [item]Complete the Hidden Object scene.[/item] [item]Pick up the missing pointer for the scale.[/item] [item]Take the CROSS[/item] [item]Exit the scene.[/item] [/LIST][gimg]/Nightfall-Mysteries-Curse-Opera/images/Chapter-4-hilda-127b.JPG[/gimg] [LIST] [item]Hilda is outside. Help her find: 4 Forks, 4 Drumsticks and 4 Crows[/item] [item]She will tell you about a clock that kept waking her up. You will need these times later.[/item] [/LIST][LIST][LIST][item]7:45[/item] [item]10:30[/item] [item]2:45[/item] [/LIST][/LIST][gimg]/Nightfall-Mysteries-Curse-Opera/images/Chapter-4-church-135.jpg[/gimg] [LIST] [item]Go back to the Church.[/item] [item]Give the CROSS to the statue.[/item] [item]Take the GREEN MARBLE[/item] [item]Exit scene. Go to the Bridge.[/item] [/LIST][gimg]/Nightfall-Mysteries-Curse-Opera/images/Chapter-4-bridge-puzzle-137a.JPG[/gimg] [LIST] [item]At the Bridge, click on the door to activate the Bridge Puzzle.[/item] [item]Take the RED, GREEN and BLUE MARBLES out of inventory and place them next to the BROWN MARBLE[/item] [item]It's Mastermind. Guess the marble combination.[/item] [item]Basic Mastermind tips[/item] [/LIST][LIST][LIST][item]1st guess should be 1 of each color.[/item] [item]Use the Legend on the top left [/item] [item]Solve the puzzle to unlock the door.[/item] [/LIST][/LIST][gimg]/Nightfall-Mysteries-Curse-Opera/images/Chapter-4-cliff-carolina-137c.JPG[/gimg] [LIST] [item]Go through the door to the Cliff. Watch Carolina's scene.[/item] [item]Click on the sparkles to enlarge the scene.[/item] [item]Take the FAMILY CREST.[/item] [item]Take the CARETAKER ROOM KEY revealed after the FAMILY CREST is taken.[/item] [/LIST]