Farm Tribe 2

Our Farm Tribe 2 Walkthrough will help you tackle the fun and exciting challenges you'll encounter while playing this second installment of the Farm Tribe games. Help Annie build a farm and prepare for her dream wedding with a little assistance from our Farm Tribe 2 Walkthrough, where you'll find a comprehensive list of tasks to accomplish, trophies you can win, and some overall hints and advice on how to play the game from start to finish.

General Information and Hints
Tasks (Walkthrough)

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Thanks for joining us at Farm Tribe 2 Walkthrough. Here you'll discover everything you need to complete this time management strategy game with a little bit of hidden object. This Farm Tribe 2 Walkthrough includes custom screenshots with all the items and locations marked for you, as well as detailed instructions.  We hope you enjoy the game!

Where are the leaves or business cards or fliers or birds or squirrels or stones or glass pieces?

Unfortunately this is entirely random.  I played the game twice and everything was in different places each time.

The stained glass pieces will also come and go from different spots all over.  They are not hard to find and they will be doled out every few minutes.

Where are the collection pieces?

See the Trophies section for a map.

How do I move my view?

  • You can click and drag to move around.
  • Use your arrow keys.  The area is a bit less than 3 screens wide so you can easily scan through the arrow while your workers are working.
  • Use the map.  Note on the map there is a white rectangle.  That is your current screen.  Just click on the map to get the view to switch.
  • Click on a worker icon on the task bar or staff screen and the view will snap to that worker. 

How do I know what my worker is doing?

There are two ways to figure this out.  The bottom bar tells you about a specific worker.  You can scroll through the workers to see the status of each one.  The screen will also shift over to where that worker is and s/he will have a big blue arrow over him. 

New to the sequel is the Staff button.  This opens a screen where you can see 9 workers at a time.  You will eventually get 3 pages of workers and can scroll through those pages with the arrows or clicking on the little radio buttons.  From here you can instantly know what your workers is doing and how they are feeling.  Clicking on that worker will close the screen and take you to that worker.  You can sort these workers by job, hunger status, or happiness.  This way you can quickly find the hungry or sad workers and figure out how many workers are at a job.

How do I make my workers do something?

You pick one up by clicking on him and dragging him to where he needs to work.  However, you can't just drop him down.  You must move him around until you see a speech bubble with the task you want him to do.  He will make a surprised noise when you pick him up and a no noise when you set it him to work.  If the worker was already assigned to a job, he will have a light bulb over his head.  If there is more than one task in close proximity then look at the bottom panel to make sure he is doing the right thing.

You can also use the worker task bar or Staff page to reassign a worker to a job that she has already done before.  They are ordered by how recently she has done a certain job and you can scroll to get all the jobs done during the game.  This makes it incredibly easy to reassign workers.

Hint:  After selecting an new job for the worker to do click on the icon and drag them to the storage if they are carrying something from their old job.  She will then go on to the new job on her own.

How do I make my worker work faster?

There are three ways:
1.  Drag the worker to and from what they're picking up and storage or trashcan.  When she is dropped to pick up something on the ground such as mushrooms, be sure to let her actually pick it up. 
2.  Use the 2X speed to get the whole game double speed.  This will stop whenever you are given new instructions or tasks or after a period of time.
3.  Use the Coffee Machine when it becomes available.

How do I make items to sell?

Click on storage and choose the item you want to make.  These will then move to the market and out of storage.  There are 4 pages of recipes.  The first page is named orders and it is basically a selection of the highest priced items or task items that can be made.  This will be different each time you arrive.  There may be items on other pages you can make and you might want to do so if your storage is getting full.

The first items on the Orders page will be the task items if there are any.  There will be a number over the items that are required with how many are left. 

How do I actually sell these dishes?

  • Seriously you don't really need to do anything but keep items in the market so your customers don't get angry.  Don't overload the market with a bunch of the same item (maybe 6 max).  Variety is good.
  • You can change prices but I didn't bother doing so. 
  • Use advertising. Click on the phone booth on the bottom right.  Items will sell quicker.

How do I feed the workers?

You know your worker is hungry if he has a hamburger flashing over his head or flashing in the Staff screen.

Drag the worker over to the Market (not Storage).  A menu will open up.  It will show the quantities of all the dishes you have available to make in storage.  The items do not actually have to be made. You need to recognize the little icon and have a good feel for what ingredients are used in that dish and general selling cost.  This way you can choose the least costly item that will satisfy.  The number to the right of the item shows the number the worker wants to fill up.  If it is green, you have enough in stock to feed him.  Your worker will sometimes feed himself but they might not do so very quickly so keep checking on this. 

Once the Dining Area is built you can drag him over to it.  It will cost you cash instead of products but it's a bit easier to do and won't waste products.

My worker has a sad face over his head

You can improve the mood of a sad worker by dragging him to another worker who is not actively working but walking around.  You will get a happy face in the speech bubble if they're going to talk.  It looks like they are walking away from each other but they are actually repositioning to be face to face.  Sometimes it is easier to drag a happy worker to your unhappy worker.

Hint:  Even better drag an unhappy worker over to a customer; that way you won't slow down a worker.

There are too many workers.  I'm getting confused.  What should I do?

Click on the Staff page and sort by job.  You can quickly assess how many are doing what job and then reassign.

How do I make someone help build when they don't want to?

When they may a comment about not being able to do it, just drag them over again. Once they have become a builder, just clicking on the helmet in the task bar will do the trick.

How do I cure my sick worker?

You will know that a worker is sick because you will hear coughing.  You will also see a little red + on the map (just in case you turn the sound off like I do!).  You will know which worker is sick because they have a little pill bottle with a red cross above their heads and on their picture.  Just drag them over to the bed in the clinic.  You will need to pay for the treatment.

How does the upper Task Bar work?

  • Click on the different tabs to see the different tasks. 
  • If the task is at a location, clicking on the task itself will take your view to the location.
  • If the task is inside the mansion, you will have to click on the mansion button at the bottom.
  • The envelope will flash when you have the money and tech points to complete that task.

How do I get enough tech points?

At the very beginning send a worker and then a second one to become your scientist and then just ignore him.  If you do so, then you will rack up the points quite efficiently.  If at any point you are waiting on tech points, go check on them and make sure they are actually working.  They have a tendency to wander off!

I'm running out of room in storage.  What should I do?

  • Upgrade storage and market as soon as you offered this ability.  Prepared dishes are kept in the market and are limited to a certain number of different dishes.  Ingredients are kept in storage.
  • Make more dishes to get the ingredients out of storage.
  • Sell individual ingredients to make more room in storage.

How do I build or repair a building?

First you will buy the materials.  Sometimes you will not actually need to build.  If a pile of materials is dropped down, you will need to assign your most experienced builder (the bar under the helmet will show this) to the building.  Assign more workers to build more quickly if you desire.

How do I build more quickly?

More workers!  And coffee! Just like real life. 

How do I pick up Mushrooms, Trash, or Eggs?

All three require you to drag and drop a worker on them.

How do I make my farm or building produce faster?

  • Assign additional workers.
  • Drag the worker to and from storage to decrease walking time.
  • Use the 2X.
  • Buy the available cows and chickens if needed. 

Do I have to buy that sculpture or flower pot when it is offered?

No, you do not.  If you need it to proceed on with the game, it will become a task.  You will want to upgrade your storage and build huts when you can afford them since they help you make money.

How about the benches?

You do want to buy these.  First it makes the customers hang around longer.  Second, buying the third bench gets you a trophy.

What should I do about the trash?

Pick it up!  I keep one worker going in between trash and building or trash and picking mushrooms depending on which is more needed.  Also later you will get 2 kids and you can just keep one assigned to that task.  The workers aren't too eagle-eyed when it comes to trash so you might want to help them out.

You can also move the trashcan around to get it closer to the trash. 

What about those nasty caterpillars and moles?

The worms come marching in from different directions to converge on your storage and eat your food.  So be sure you get them all.  Green worms take one whack, yellow worms take two, and red worms take three whacks.  The moles pop up in their holes and if you don't whack them in time, they will disappear and pop up somewhere else.  You can see both on the map.  They show up as red dots whereas the workers are purple squares. There is a counter off to the right so keep an eye on it until you know you are done.

There are several questions that come up during the game that require an answer one way of the other.  How should I answer them?

First these questions comes up at random so I can't tell you the order they come in.  However, I can tell you that it doesn't really matter too much; either way you might lose some money or tech points but it's not a big deal.

There are little requests from customers to find things; should I do them?

These you want to do because most will get you things for your mansion which account for a lot of the trophies. 

How do I hire workers?

Down at the bottom right, there is a sign with a plus on it.  Each worker will cost more.


General Information and Hints
Tasks (Walkthrough)

Ask for help in the comments below!