Farm Tribe 2: Trophies

Our Farm Tribe 2 Walkthrough will help you tackle the fun and exciting challenges you'll encounter while playing this second installment of the Farm Tribe games. Help Annie build a farm and prepare for her dream wedding with a little assistance from our Farm Tribe 2 Walkthrough, where you'll find a comprehensive list of tasks to accomplish, trophies you can win, and some overall hints and advice on how to play the game from start to finish.

General Information and Hints
Tasks (Walkthrough)

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Farm Tribe 2 trophies are a bit different from trophies in other games.  Basically they are decorations for the mansion.  Some are received as part of just playing the game and others are received for doing the hidden object tasks. In addition, some might not even be offered. For example, I did not get the ship until the third time I played!

Trophy Room in Mansion


Bracelet--Finding Birds

Cage--Finding Birds

Necklace--Finding Customer's Ring (note the rings move around but they are always in the market square or around the fountain at the bottom right

Parlor Rug--Available for Purchase after Finding the Rare Stones

Ship--Finding Leaflets

Plants--Finding Leaves

Squirrel Statue--Finding Squirrels

Bust--Finding Pearls (all are near the market and fountain)

Vase--Finding Business Cards

Helmet--Buying three Benches

Globe--Hiring 25 Workers

Stained Glass Window--75 pieces are dropped every few minutes during the game and will disappear after a bit if you don't pick up quickly.  It's possible to finish the game without finishing this task. 

Note:  There are a few tasks from customers that do not receive a trophy.  Locations vary for the above.  Change the way you are scanning the area AND move the trashcan if you are having difficulty.

Clock--Available for Purchase after finishing collecting 12 coins.

Candelabras--Finishing the Butterfly Collection

Collection in shelves is trophy in itself.

Red circles/squares--Collection

Yellow circles/squares--Coins

Blue circles/squares--Butterflies

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General Information and Hints
Tasks (Walkthrough)

Ask for help in the comments below!