Whispered Secrets: The Story of Tideville: Chapter Two: Mr. Miller’s Medallion

Our Whispered Secrets The Story of Tideville Walkthrough will be your trusty assistant as you search for the mysterious blue crystals that are your only link to finding your missing son. Packed full of custom screenshots and easy to understand instructions for every aspect of the game, you'll be sure to unravel the dark secret this sleepy town has been hiding for years. Just who is behind these mysterious disappearances? Find out with our Whispered Secrets The Story of Tideville Walkthrough.

Road Block

  • Move into the road block (yellow square); take the pruning shear half (orange circle).
  • Move into the window box (pink square); put the pruning shears half onto the other half of the shears (green circle).
  • Go into the library.


  • Click Mr. Wilson.
  • Give Mr. Wilson the newspaper.
  • Zoom into the (red rectangle) to access the hidden objects area.

Hidden Object Game

  • Find all the listed items (yellow circles).
  • Take the glasses.
  • Give the glasses to Mr. Wilson.
  • Go to the Street: Bell Tower.
  • Turn left at the fountain to Street: Near Pub.


  • Move into the pipe (yellow square); take the rod (orange circle).
  • Move into the anchor (blue square); use the rod to move the anchor.
  • Take the chisel (green circle).
  • Go into the pub.

Lock Piece

  • Click Mr. Miller.
  • Take the Bell tower lock piece.
  • Pick up the mug and step ladder (green circles).
  • Move into the floor (pink square); take the landing net (yellow circle).
  • Go to the library.


  • Put the stepladder on the floor (green square).
  • Move into the shelf (yellow square).
  • Pick up the bell tower lock piece and the medallion piece (pink circles).
  • Go to the Street: Bell Tower.


  • Move into the fountain (blue square).
  • Use the landing net to collect the bell tower piece (yellow circle).
  • Place the mug into the water; pick up the water filled mug (purple circle).
  • Move into the bell tower door (orange square).
  • Put the bell tower lock pieces into the lock.
  • Solve as shown above.
  • Go into the ground floor of the bell tower.


  • Move into the lamp (green square).
  • Pick up the lamp.
  • Go to Our House: Kitchen.

Hidden Object Game

  • Move into the dish rack (red rectangle) to access a hidden object area.

Hidden Object Game

  • Find the listed items (yellow circles).
  • Take the oven mitt.


  • Move into the stove (purple square).
  • Pour the mug of water onto the hot handle.
  • Use the oven mitt to open the oven door.
  • Use the fire to light the lamp.
  • Go to the Bell Tower: Ground Floor.

Lit Lamp

  • Hang the lit lamp.
  • Move into the wall panel (orange square).
  • Click the panel off.
  • Put the medallion part into the panel.
  • Collect the medallion (pink circle).
  • Go to the pub.


  • Hand the medallion to Mr. Miller.
  • Take the big electron tube.
  • Go to Rudy’s room.

Electron Tube

  • Move into the desk (blue square).
  • Put the big electron tube (yellow circle) onto the broken anti-monster device.
  • Pick up the now fixed anti-monster device.
  • Go to the Street: Bell Tower.


  • Put the anti-monster device near the mechanical monster (pink square).
  • Go to the Bridge over canal.