Weather Lord: Hidden Realm: General Information & Tips

Our Weather Lord Hidden Realm Walkthrough is your guide to harnessing the elements as you journey across the island of Latgale, battling ferocious creatures and rescuing the natives. Our comprehensive Weather Lord Walkthrough is filled with helpful tips and video solutions of each and every level demonstrating how to achieve those hard-to-reach expert times in this enchanting time management game.

Welcome to our Weather Lord Hidden Realm Walkthrough, a comprehensive guide filled with helpful tips and video solutions of each and every level demonstrating how to achieve those hard-to-reach expert times. 

Title Screen

Opening Story:

In Weather Lord Hidden Realm, wise Elvin has discovered the location of a mystical island called Latgale that has been harassed for ages by creatures such as yeti, ogres, and dragons. Now it's up to you to harness the power of the elements and make your way across the island, freeing natives, repairing villages, and battling fierce enemies.

General Tips for Weather Lord Hidden Realm

Tasks - These are found at the bottom of the screen. Stay focused and work as quickly as possible to achieve them. 

Resources - If you're new to resource management games, it's all about collecting resources. Click on the items such as food and wood to make your workers collect them. You can plan your steps ahead in Weather Lord Hidden Realm as chained tasks are permitted.

Weather - Each type of weather will stay above their altar so you'll always know where they are. You'll be given control of several elements including sun, rain, thunder, wind, and snow. Click and drag the element to the place on the board you would like to use them.

Warriors - Warriors live in your camp and can be used to fight off enemies. To heal a warrior after a fight, click on them to send them back to camp.



There are six types of achievements in Weather Lord Hidden Realm, and three levels of bronze, silver, and gold for each.

  • Farm Achievements - Collect Crops
  • Gold Digger Achievements - Mine Gold
  • Repairman Achievements - Restore constructions
  • Rescuer Achievements - Rescue Natives
  • Builder Achievements - Construct Buildings
  • Warrior Achievements - Kill enemies


Heroes and Enemies

Hereos and Enemies

There are many different types of enemies and heroes you'll encounter during the game. Each enemy has their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Wise Elvin - Always gives wise advise, listen to him.
  • Warrior Guard - His awesome strength enables him to defeat any enemy.
  • Worker Barque - Words hard to make sure your crew has teh resources it needs.
  • Citizen Loki - His tribe has been living on the Latgale Island for centuries. He's the keeper of the elements.
  • Werebird Sungift - Quick and invisible. Only towers can defeat his warriors.
  • Yeti Lodin - He lives on the icy part of the island. He can freeze anything.
  • Golem Stonegift - He's made of stone and throws rocks at his enemies. He lives on the icy part of the island.
  • Ent Agvide - The lord of the trees. Entangles your resources with its roots.
  • Ogre Brekki - Imperious, greedy, and stupid. He wants to destroy everything on the island, and will not tolerate those who prevent him from doing so.
  • Dragon Orme - Defeat him to free Latgale Island from darkness and make it yours again.




There are several different types of buildings you can construct as you play. Most times you're left up to your own discretion which ones you build unless it's part of the overall tasks for the level.

  • House - Adds one worker to your crew.
  • Camp - Warriors and workers live here.
  • Sawmill - Produces three times more wood.
  • Forge - Produces three times more gold.
  • Mill - Produces three times more food.
  • Ice Tower - Moderate damage; slows down enemies.
  • Wind Tower - Long range; high damage.
  • Lightning Tower - High damage and rapid rate of fire.
  • Sun Tower - Moderate range; average damage.

And those are the basics for playing Weather Lord Hidden Realm. Special thanks to Sipason for the videos. We wish you good luck and hope you enjoy our Weather Lord Walkthrough!