True Fear: Forsaken Souls: Prologue: An Urgent Summons

Trust our True Fear: Forsaken Souls Walkthrough, as you begin to hear the sounds of whatever has been stalking you begin to close in on you. Use our detailed instructions, custom marked screenshots, and simple puzzle solutions to help you survive this terrifying ordeal as you encounter a sinister force lurking just a step behind you in this thrilling hidden object adventure game.


  • Click on the switch to turn the light on.
  • Note - if you choose to play the tutorial, you'll have to go through the process of changing the light bulb, just follow the onscreen prompts to complete it.
  • Go toward the door.



  • Click to look through the peep hole.
  • Put the chain on the latch.
  • Click the deadbolt to unlock the door.
  • Click on the handle to unlock the door.