The Tiny Tale 2: Tiny Tale 2: Level 4

The Tiny Tale 2 Walkthrough is a comprehensive guide filled with helpful tips and video solutions that will help guide as you attempt to heal the cursed shrine and banish the necromancer once and for all from the Elven Kingdom in this fast paced time management game.

  1. Cikkect fiid
  2. Cho[ down tree blocking house and build it
  3. Collect mana while wiating for food to pick
  4. Clear log blocking bottom right and collect resources
  5. Clear lot and stone to the left
  6. Use the fast harvest spell
  7. Build last house
  8. Chop down trees
  9. Build bridge to the right and chop down trees
  10. Use the tree spells after chopping down all trees and repair 4 corrupter farms
  11. Collect food and use the fast harvest spell