Tales of Terror: Estate of the Heart: Chapter 3 The Maze

Our Tales of Terror: Estate of the Heart Walkthrough features step-by-step instructions and colorful pictorial guides to escort you through this mystery of ghostly proportions. Our guide will help you solve the mini games and hidden object areas that you'll encounter and survive this ghastly tale.


  • Use the detector on the scene.
  • Select the image that matches the image.
  • Move to the left.




  • Collect the torch.
  • Collect the axe and clear the leaves.
  • Click the 7 pieces of wood; collect the mechanical figure.
  • Move down once.




  • Use the axe to collect the rope.
  • Move left.




  • Click the wall.




  • Select the rope to place onto the lamp and zoom in.
  • Click the bricks in the correct order.
  • Click the next lamp.




  • Select the axe to cut the weeds.
  • Click the pairs.
  • Place the torch into the opening in the wall.




  • Click the bricks in the correct order.




  • Insert & arrange the mechanical figure.
  • Click the items aside.
  • Click the switch.
  • Click the camera; collect the photo plate.
  • Click the door and move to the left.




  • Use the detector on the scene.
  • Select the image that matches the image.
  • Click the drape to trigger the hidden objects area.




  • Find the items.
  • Collect the magnet.




  • Click the curtain.
  • Insert the corkscrew; collect the cork.
  • Select the magnet to drag & collect the anchor.
  • Click the knobs; collect the string.
  • Click & collect the skeleton hand.
  • Move down once.




  • Click the bottle & the glass.
  • Select the anchor to collect the radio bulb.
  • Insert the skeleton hand.
  • Click the A & B hand prints.
  • Select the string to collect the 2nd moon amulet.
  • Move down once.




  • Attach and click the nut.
  • Insert the cork; collect the moon amulet.
  • Move ahead once and to the left.




  • Insert the moon amulets.
  • Arrange them correctly.
  • Move to the left.




  • Collect the oven mitt.
  • Click the stairs.
  • Move down 3x’s.




  • Select the oven mitt to collect the sweet lily.
  • Move ahead and to the left 2x’s.




  • Click and replace the sweet lily.
  • Click the bees.
  • Click the cupboard and click the items aside to collect the smoking set.
  • Click the smoking set open; collect the lighter and read the note.




  • Select the lighter to ignite the kerosene lamp.
  • Click the paper; collect the defense amulet.
  • Collect the lit kerosene lamp.
  • Click the dumb waiter; place the kerosene lamp.
  • Collect the handbag ornament.
  • Move down once.




  • Attach the handbag ornament; collect the opera glasses & the nail file.
  • Click the chandelier; click the hidden objects area.




  • Find the items.
  • Collect the pulley.
  • Move to the left.




  • Click the items aside.
  • Attach & click the pulley.
  • Click the crank.
  • Find the matches.
  • Click the crank 2x’s.




  • Click the knots in the correct sequence.
  • Click the crank and the knotted pulley rope; untangle the ropes using the correct sequence.
  • Solution A: Slide the knots as shown by the colored lines.
  • Solution B: Click the knots as follows: D – A – B – E – D – A – B – C
  • Move to the right.




  • Click the pull string behind the curtain.
  • Click the paper dolls 2x’s.
  • Collect the quiver & the photo.
  • Click the paper.
  • Exit the Darkroom.




  • Select the oven mitt to remove the glass 2x’s.
  • Click the knob and select the nail file to open the latch; attach the radio bulb.
  • Drag the chains into the correct positioning.
  • Click the glass; collect the sea horse parts and assemble it.




  • Click the ivy 3x’s and insert the seahorse.
  • Move to the left.




  • Click the easel 2x’s.
  • Restore the chair; collect the carved box.
  • Collect the paper knife.
  • Click the keys in the correct order; collect the harp and place it onto the carved box.
  • Collect the developer.
  • Click the statue pieces aside.
  • Place the recurve bow and quiver together.
  • Move down once and into the dark room.




  • Place the photo plate down and put the developer into the holders.
  • Click the items in ABC order.
  • Examine the photo; collect the long tweezers and use it to open the latch.
  • Move into the window.




  • Place the bow & arrows to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by hitting the target when they are aligned with the gears.




  • Select the detector to find the part.




  • Collect the 10 fan parts.
  • Move ahead.