Surface: The Pantheon: Chapter Three: The Hut

Trust our Surface: The Pantheon Walkthrough as you feel the flicker of hope sputter to life that you'll see your family once more. But it won't be an easy journey. Use our detailed and custom screenshots, our step by precarious step instructions, and our simple puzzle solutions to help discover the secret behind exactly what happened to the Capital Express on that fateful day.


  • Collect the pliers.
  • Click the lid.
  • Collect the thimble and the key.
  • Collect the owl ornament.
  • Select the thimble to use on the needle; collect the book.
  • Use the pliers to remove the broken key from the door lock; insert the key and click it.
  • Move through the door.



  • Click the leaves and click the gravestone.
  • Collect the cat emblem and the 1 / 3 master’s stones.
  • Collect the compass.
  • Collect the clay skull.
  • Click the debris to trigger a hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Select the owl figurine from the inventory and place it onto the cage; collect the owl.
  • Select the clay owl and insert it into the statue; collect the fleur-del-lis.
  • Collect the scissor half.
  • Move ahead to the right of the tree.



  • Collect the hex key.
  • Select the hex key and use it on the bolt; collect the bolt.
  • Move to the Hut.



  • Insert the cat emblem into the clutch and collect the wand.
  • Attach the scissor half onto the bolt onto the scissors; collect the child’s scissors.
  • Move to the Square.



  • Select the child’s scissors and use them to collect the ribbon.
  • Move to the Supply Store Yard.



  • Select the ribbon to fix the broken axe; collect the stone axe.
  • Move back and go toward the left side.



  • Collect the turkey baster.
  • Select the stone axe and use it to hit the spike; collect the magnet fragment.
  • Move to the Supply Store Yard.


Magnet Puzzle

  • Select the magnet fragment to use on the panel to trigger a puzzle.
  • Solve the puzzle by moving the balls to the pink squares.
  • Click the balls as follows:
  • D – C – D – A – D – A – B – A – C – D – A – B – A – C – D – A – B – C – D – A – B – A – D – A
  • Move through the doorway.



  • Read the note.
  • Collect the watchmaker’s tweezers and the scanner.
  • Select the watchmaker’s tweezers to collect the wire.
  • Collect the can opener.
  • Move to the Square.


Can Opener

  • Select the can opener to use on the cart.
  • Collect the red button.
  • Move to the Supply Store.



  • Attach the wire and the red button onto the controls.
  • Collect the lift controller.
  • Move to the Square.



  • Attach the lift controller onto the panel.
  • Click the button to trigger a puzzle.
  • Solve the puzzle by arranging the gears and setting the arrows so that the gears move.
  • Click the arrows as shown and arrange the gears.
  • Move up to the Capital Express Clearing.



  • Collect the footplate.
  • Collect the drawer handle.
  • Collect the spark plug.
  • Move to the Hut.



  • Attach the drawer handle onto the drawer; collect the adhesive tape.
  • Move to the Gates.



  • Attach the footplate and the spark plug onto the motorcycle.
  • Click the motorcycle; collect the 2 / 3 master stones.
  • Move to the Capital Express Clearing.