Shiver: Moonlit Grove: Chapter One: The Village

Our Shiver Moonlit Grove Walkthrough will light your way as you attempt to discover the dark secrets this tiny village is so desperately trying to hide. Could there be a connection between your murky past and your beloved foster father's disappearance hidden here? Find out, using our detailed instructions, custom screenshots, and puzzle solutions, as you attempt to survive another terrifying night lost in this chilling addition to the Shiver series.


  • Click on the carriage to zoom in.
  • Take the DIARY.
  • Click on the carriage again to zoom in.
  • Take the METAL BOX.
  • Click on the reigns to zoom in.
  • Take the FOOTBOARD.



  • Click on the chest to zoom in.
  • Use the FOOTBOARD on the lock.
  • Take the ALCOHOL, the TWEEZERS, the notes, and the CASKET.


Metal Box

  • Click on the METAL BOX in your inventory for a puzzle.
  • Refer to the note to see the correct placement of the hands and arms.
  • Take the CADUCEUS CHIP.
  • Take the SYRINGE NEEDLE.
  • Go forward.



  • Click to zoom in on the debris.
  • Take the BRUSHWOOD, the BONE, and the SKULL.
  • Click to zoom in on the blood.
  • Take the PERFUMED OIL.
  • Go forward.



  • Click to zoom in on the wall.
  • Take the GLASS SHARD.
  • Click on the door to zoom in.
  • Use the PERFUMED OIL on the lock.
  • Use the SYRINGE NEEDLE on the lock.
  • This will start a minigame.


Mill lock

  • The goal of the game is to drag the needle to each of the slots in the lock and then move the slot down.
  • Do this for each slot.
  • Go into the mill.


inside mill

  • Click on the bag to zoom in.
  • Use the GLASS SHARD on the bag.
  • Take the EMPTY BAG and the TONGS under it.
  • Click to zoom in on the door on the right.
  • Use the TONGS to get rid of the three nails.
  • You will receive the HINGE.



  • Take the STONE.
  • Click the SKULL in your inventory.
  • Use the STONE on the skull to smash it three times.
  • Take the ARROWHEAD.



  • Click on the trapdoor to zoom in.
  • Read the note.
  • Go back twice.



  • Read the newspaper on the tree.
  • Go back one screen.


Broken Wheel

  • Click on the reins to zoom in.
  • Use the GLASS SHARD on the reigns to cut them.
  • Take the REIGNS.
  • Click on the wheel to zoom in.
  • Use the TONGS to remove the LINCHPIN.
  • Take the BROKEN WHEEL.
  • Go forward three screens.



  • Use the BROKEN WHEEL on the winch.
  • Use the ARROWHEAD on the wheel to hold it in place.
  • Click and drag the wheel clockwise to raise the dam.
  • The water will recede.
  • Go forward.



  • Click on the gates to zoom in.
  • Use the REINS on the lock.
  • Use the BONE on the rein to pull it.
  • Click the reins to pull the latch up.
  • Click on the gates to open them.
  • Enter the village.



  • Click to zoom in on the well.
  • Use the HINGE on the coin.
  • Click the hinge to move the stones.
  • Take the COIN.
  • Click to zoom in on the hut.
  • Click to knock.
  • Talk to the man.
  • Go into the hut.


Inside Hut

  • Click to zoom in on the fireplace.
  • Take the SCOOP.
  • Use the BRUSHWOOD on the fireplace.
  • Click on the table.
  • Click on each of the items to move them.
  • Click to read the note.
  • Take the TABLECLOTH.
  • Go back one screen and then forward twice.



  • Click on the plant by the house to zoom in.
  • Take the HEALING HERBS.
  • Go to the left toward the wagon.


Saw Blade

  • Click to zoom in on the crack in the fence.
  • Take the SAW BLADE.
  • Click on the wagon to play a hidden object scene.


HOG White

  • Find all the items in white on the list.


HOG Four

  • To find the four, move the the block on the other two blocks.
  • Turn the numbers so they read 2+2 to make 4.


HOG Elephant

  • To find the elephant, use the tongs to open the crate.
  • Use the 2 plate pieces on each other.
  • Use the rag on the plate to reveal the elephant.



  • To find the Feathered Hat, use the opener on the lid of the jar. 
  • Use the net to get the lobster.
  • Use the lobster on the string around the stamp collection.
  • Put the letter in the envelope.
  • Use the stamp on the envelope.
  • Use the feathers the bird drops on the hat to get the feathered hat.
  • You will receive the FLINT.



  • Click on the FLINT in your inventory.
  • Use the LINCHPIN on it.
  • You will receive FLINT AND STEEL.
  • Go back outside the mill.


Get Lamp

  • Click on the wall to zoom in.
  • Use the COIN on the screw.
  • Take the LAMP.


Light Lamp

  • Click on the LAMP in your inventory.
  • Click on the cover to open it.
  • Click on the cork to remove it.
  • Use the ALCOHOL on the lamp.
  • Use the FLINT AND STEEL on the wick.
  • You will now have a lit lamp on your screen in the lower right.
  • Go into the mill.


Saw Blade

  • Click on the mill stone area to zoom in.
  • Use the SAW BLADE on the axle.
  • Take the MILLSTONE.
  • Return to the wagon in the village.



  • Use the MILLSTONE on the wagon.
  • Click on the wagon and move it to the left.



  • Click on the fence to zoom in.
  • Take the HOOK.
  • Click on the hide to start a mini-game.


Hide Game

  • The goal of the game is to untangle the rope by moving the metal rings around to the different holes.
  • The hole that is empty at the start of the puzzle will need to be empty at the end.
  • You will get the code for the casket.



  • Click on the CASKET that's in your inventory.
  • This will start a mini-game.