Sea of Lies: Burning Coast: Chapter Five: Fortified Fortress

Trust our Sea of Lies: Burning Coast Walkthrough when you have no where left to turn and your chances of survival from this nightmare situation you've found yourself in are dwindling. Our detailed gaming instructions, custom marked screenshots, and simple puzzle solutions are willing and waiting to stand between you and this dangerous madman who has you in his clutches.


  • Read the note.
  • Collect the metal bar.
  • Click the hay aside.
  • Select the metal bar to pry the stones.
  • Collect 1 /2 chest keys; click the hatch open.
  • Move to the left to into the Secret Chamber.
  • Click the hidden objects area.





  • Find the items.
  • Collect the rusty razor.



  • Collect the helmet.
  • Collect the stepladder.
  • Move down once to the Prison.



  • Select the rusty razor to slice the canvas; collect the fishing line.
  • Select the metal bar to collect the shoulder bag and click it open.
  • Read the letter; collect the hand mirror, the shoehorn, the old doubloon and the oil canister.
  • Move to the left into the Secret Chamber.



  • Select the oil canister to lubricate the gear.
  • Select the old doubloon to insert into the plaque.
  • Read the book; collect 2 /2 chest keys insert them into the chest.
  • Collect the note and the poison recipe.
  • Collect the voodoo pins.
  • Move down once.



  • Select the shoehorn, the hand mirror and the voodoo pins to open the lock.
  • Move to the right to the Fortress Complex.



  • Collect the bucket.
  • Read the note.
  • Collect the clothespin.
  • Select the step ladder to bar the door.
  • Click the boxes and stack them near the barred door; collect the paint thinner.
  • Move ahead to the Fisherman’s Hut and click the hidden objects area.





  • Find the items.
  • Collect the linchpin.



  • Collect the seaweed.
  • Click the items aside; collect the code and 1/ 3 gate bars.
  • Move down once.



  • Insert the linchpin; click the wheel to open the grate.
  • Collect the fishing pole, 2 /3 gate bars and the penknife.
  • Zoom into the lock and place the code to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by solving the equations to open the lock.
  • Use the following sequence to solve: 14 – 16 – 45 – 9 - 84
  • Collect the mortar.
  • Select the bucket to receive the coal.
  • Create the fishing rod by attaching the fishing line onto the fishing pole.
  • Zoom into the mortar; collect 1 /2 small masks.
  • Place the seaweed into the mortar and crush it to create the seaweed oil.
  • Move ahead.



  • Select the fishing rod to and trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by dragging the fishing line correctly.
  • Collect the soldier figurine.
  • Move down once.



  • Place the soldier figurine and click the button.
  • Click the hidden objects area.





  • Find the items.
  • Collect 3 /3 gate bars.



  • Collect the scratched lens.
  • Examine the click the telescope.
  • Move down once.



  • Insert the gate bars to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by aligning the pulleys horizontally.
  • Click the pulleys in ABC order to solve.
  • Move to the right to the Railway.



  • Collect the guard badge.
  • Click the bag; collect the artillery miniature and leather belt.
  • Select the penknife to collect the birch bark.
  • Move down once and move ahead once to the Fisherman’s Hut.



  • Click the oven open.
  • Place the helmet onto the stovetop.
  • Place the birch bark into the helmet; collect the helmet with tar.
  • Move to the Lookout.


Leather Belt

  • Select the leather belt to remove the cannon cap; collect 2 /2 small masks and the bottle opener.
  • Insert the guard badge; collect the copper cable.
  • Zoom into the table; click the mini cannons.
  • Place the artillery miniature
  • Collect the goddess emblem, the note and the electrical battery.
  • Move down once and to the right.



  • Read the note.
  • Insert the electrical battery and the copper cable to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by rotating the panels correctly.



  • Place 2 /2 small masks; collect the guard note.
  • Collect the small clamp.
  • Place the guard note, the poison recipe, the seaweed oil and the paint thinner onto the box.
  • Place the bottles one by one onto the scale.
  • Pour the paint thinner and the seaweed oil into the bottles.
  • Collect 3 /3 solvent bottles and pour them into the bottles in the crate.
  • Click the bottles.
  • Collect the waxed jar.
  • Select the clothespin to create and collect the improvised brush.
  • Move to the Lookout.



  • Place the waxed jar near the telescope; click the lid.
  • Collect the toy train.
  • Move down once and to the right.



  • Insert the toy train; collect the crank.
  • Select the bottle opener to remove the nail; click the sign.
  • Collect the birch plank.
  • Move down once and to the left to the Fisherman’s Hut.


Birch Plank

  • Place the birch plank into the hole in the boat.
  • Select the helmet with tar and the improvised brush to seal the repair.
  • Move right to the Quarantine.