Riddles of Fate: Into Oblivion: Chapter Four: The King

Our Riddles of Fate: Into Oblivion Walkthrough will protect you from the seven deadly sins as you attempt to save the cursed city of Riddlestone from their destructive forces. Use our detailed instructions, our custom marked screenshots, and our simple puzzle solutions to help free the royal family from the dark hold the sins have on them and restore their hearts before it's too late!


  • Talk to the Queen.
  • Take the Broken Banishing Crystal.
  • Zoom in on the king.
  • Take the Royal Lily.
  • Zoom in on the fruit bowl on the right.
  • Take the Ruby Apple.
  • Zoom in on the Broken Banishing Crystal and put the broken pieces that you have together.



  • Zoom in on the painting.
  • Use the Royal Lily on the empty slot.
  • Take the Mace.
  • Go back to the Restaurant.



  • Zoom in on the statue on the left.
  • Use the Mace on the statue.
  • Take the Fish Food and the Sanitary Symbol.
  • Go back to the King's Bedroom.



  • Zoom in on the Fish Tank.
  • Use the Fish Food on the tank.
  • Take the Chip and the Wreath.
  • Zoom in on the angel.
  • Use the Wreath on the angel.
  • Click on the sparkles to play the HOG.



  • Find all the items on the list.
  • You will receive the Brass Bone.
  • Go back one screen.



  • Zoom in on the dog.
  • Use the Brass Bone on the dog.
  • Take the Sanitary Symbol.
  • Go back to the Bedroom.



  • Zoom in on the painting
  • Use the two Sanitary Symbols on the medical kit.
  • Take the Bandage.
  • Zoom in on the king.
  • Use the Bandage on the king.
  • Receive Olivia's Ring.



  • Zoom in on the door.
  • Use Olivia's Ring on the lock.
  • Enter the Queen's Parlor.



  • Zoom in on the table.
  • Take the Pearl Comb.
  • Zoom in on the dog.
  • Use the Pearl Comb on the dog.
  • Take the Pincers and the Chip.



  • Zoom in on the sink.
  • Use the Pincers on the sink.
  • Take the Chip.
  • Zoom in on the engraving on the right.
  • Use the 3 Chips from your inventory on the image.
  • Play the mini-game.


Chip Puzzle

  • You need to move the tiles on the left and right side to form the picture.
  • Take the Poison Antidote when you are done.
  • Go back one screen.



  • Zoom in on the king.
  • Use the Poison Antidote on the king.
  • You will receive the Hall of Statues Key.