Redemption Cemetery: The Island of the Lost: Chapter Three: Back to the Cemetery

Our Redemption Cemetery The Island of the Lost Walkthrough is a comprehensive guide filled with everything you'll need to know to complete this exciting new Redemption Cemetery game! With our trusty game instructions, simple puzzle solutions, and custom marked screenshots at hand, you'll have no trouble freeing yourself and the rest of the imprisoned ghosts from this haunted island.


  • Speak to Santiago.
  • Collect the bag.
  • Select the scissors to cut the vines.
  • Collect the empty canister and the stone skull.
  • Move down 2x’s and click the hidden objects area.



  • Find the items and click the gems beneath them.
  • Collect the encrusted key.
  • Chapter-3-03-Bag-of-Seeds
  • Select the bag to collect the seeds.
  • Select the empty canister to collect the water.
  • Move ahead 2x’s.


Stone Skull

  • Insert the stone skull.
  • Insert the encrusted key; collect the amber.
  • Select the bag with seeds and the canister with water to grow the flower.
  • Select the scissors to collect the flower.



  • Insert the amber and the flower.
  • Collect the portrait and place it into the slot to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by finding the matching letters.
  • Use the following solution to solve: E – D – W – A – R – D
  • The solution is random.



  • Speak to Edward.
  • Collect the letter for Liannah.
  • Move into the portal.