Redemption Cemetery: Salvation of the Lost: Chapter Three: Rescue the Reporter

Use our Redemption Cemetery Salvation of the Lost Walkthrough as your personal survival guide to another long night trapped in a haunted cemetery. Rely on our custom screenshots, puzzle solutions, and detailed step-by-step instructions to right the wrongs of the past for three lost souls, save your beloved dog, and get back to the land of the living.

Wolf Game

  • Insert the wolf medallion to trigger the mini-game.
  • Arrange the medallions to the circles of the same color.
  • Click the medallions in the following order:
  • Blue – red – blue – green – red – blue – green – yellow –red – blue – green –yellow
  • Collect the wolf cub.
  • Move down and go into the wolf cage.



  • Give the wolf cub to the wolf.
  • Click the control and click the green button.
  • Click the corner; collect the 2nd animal tile and the dart.
  • Move down once and to the right.



  • Click the tree and toss the yo-yo onto the branch.
  • Collect the bandage.
  • Click the barn to access a hidden objects area.



  • Find the 16 jars.
  • Click the chest open; collect the jar.
  • Click the stall door; collect the jar.
  • Rake the floor; collect the jar.
  • Collect the hydrogen peroxide.
  • Move down once, turn left and move to the right.



  • Combine the bandage and the hydrogen peroxide to create the antibacterial bandage.
  • Place the antibacterial bandage onto the thief.
  • Speak to the thief; collect the keys.
  • Move down and go forward.




  • Click the area at the top of the stairs to access a hidden objects area.
  • Find the items using their silhouettes.
  • Click the lid on the vase; collect the fang.
  • Click the pocket; collect the key.
  • Insert the key into the lock.
  • Collect the arrow and place it onto the crossbow.
  • Fire the crossbow and collect the bat from the broken vase.
  • Select the bat to use on the backpack lock; collect the flute.
  • Place the fang into the skeleton head; collect the gold snake.
  • Use the gold snake on the basket; use the flute on the snake.
  • Collect the 3rd animal tile.


Animal Game

  • Click the mini-game on the center console.
  • Insert the 3 animal tiles to trigger the puzzle.
  • Click the tiles to re-create the picture.
  • Click the arrows as shown to solve the mini-game.
  • To feed the fish to the walrus click the arrows as follows:
  • D – C – D – B – B –A – B –D –B - GO
  • To feed the banana to the monkey, click the arrows as follows:
  • D – C – D – B – D – GO
  • To feed the steak to the lion, click the arrows as follows:
  • D – C – C – D – C – GO
  • To feed the bamboo to the panda, click the arrows as follows:
  • C – A –B – B- A –B – GO
  • To feed the hay to the donkey, click the arrows as follows:
  • C – A –B – B – A – A –A –GO
  • To feed the worm to the ostrich, click the arrows as follows:
  • D – C – C – A – C – A – GO
  • Collect the gun and move down 3 times.


  • Click the door.
  • Insert the key into the lock.
  • Move ahead.



  • Click the cage; collect the glass.
  • Click the purse and click it once more; collect the acid.
  • Click the terrarium and lay the glass over the spider.
  • Collect the sleeping medicine.
  • Click the machine on the windowsill.



  • Pour the sleeping medicine into the reservoir.
  • Insert the dart into the holder.
  • Notice the color order of the dart.
  • Use the formula key as a color guide.
  • To create the blue layer, click the icons as follows:
  • D – C – A – B
  • To create the green layer, click the icons as follows:
  • A – C – D – B
  • To create the yellow layer, click the icons as follows:
  • C – B –A – D
  • To create the red layer, click the icons as follows:
  • B – D – A – C
  • Collect the tranquilizer dart.



  • Combine the gun and the tranquilizer dart to create the tranquilizer gun.
  • Click the tiger’s cage; use the tranquilizer gun on the tiger.
  • Move down one time.



  • Click the cage door; pour the acid onto the lock.
  • Move into the portal.


Dog Crystals

  • Collect the dog crystal and read the newspaper.
  • Move down 2 times.



  • Speak to Hina.
  • Click the dog; insert the dog crystal.
  • Move to the right.



  • Speak to the ghost.
  • Collect the power of water symbol to access a mini-game.
  • Click and aim at a ball with the same symbol.
  • Shoot all the balls to charge the raven.
  • Click the crypt to access a hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Click the curtains; collect the scissors.
  • Click the chain; collect the horn.
  • Earn the tombstone.



  • Hand the spirit the tombstone.
  • Move into the portal.