Phantasmat: Crucible Peak: Chapter One: Welcome to the Resort

Our Phantasmat: Crucible Peak Walkthrough is your handbook to surviving a terrible avalanche in the middle of the Alps that leaves you washed up on the doorstep of an isolated mountain resort that time forgot. This guide is packed full of vital information you'll need to keep you safe as you attempt to uncover the secrets haunting this hidden mountain town.


  • Collect the flare pistol.
  • Scare the rodent away by clicking on it.
  • Collect the ski part.
  • Zoom into the equipment; collect the rope with safety fastener.
  • Look over the cliff.


  • Use the flare pistol to light the darkness.
  • Connect the rope with safety fastener onto the rock.
  • Use the rope to climb down the cliff.


  • Collect the bottle of water.
  • Collect the ski pole.
  • Examine the sign; collect the ski glove.
  • Climb up the rope.


  • Use the ski pole on the backpack.
  • Move down the rope.
  • Click the backpack to access the hidden objects area.

Hidden Object Scene

  • You can opt to play match 3 instead.
  • Click the “switch to match 3 mode” if you desire; otherwise find the listed items.
  • Click the pouch to collect the whistle.
  • Click the thermos to pour the coffee.
  • Click the flap open to collect the flashlight and the sock.
  • Collect the cup.
  • Climb up the rope and walk down once.


  • Examine the equipment; put the cup onto the burner.
  • Pour the bottle of water into the cup.
  • Click the ignite button to ignite the stove.
  • Use the ski glove to get the cup of boiling water.
  • Climb down the cliff.


  • Examine the cabin door.
  • Pour the boiling water onto the doorknob.
  • Enter the cabin.


  • Use the ski pole on the trapdoor.
  • Examine the ladder; collect the butane torch.
  • Notice the mini-game on the table.


  • Examine the ice flow.
  • Use the butane torch on it.
  • Trace the boot outline (Click and drag the left mouse button).
  • Collect the crampons.
  • Walk down one time.


  • Attempt to capture to rodent.


  • Use the crampons on the path.


  • Attempt to capture the rodent.


  • Examine the corpse’ collect the maze map.
  • Walk down one time; go inside the cabin and zoom into the table mini-game.

Table Game

  • Put the maze map in the frame to activate the mini-game.
  • Move the symbols so the lens is above the matching symbols.
  • If the placement is correct; the thermometer will fill.
  • Leave the map; walk down once and move to the right.


  • Click the map on the bottom left of the screen.
  • Move to the right, walk up then to the left, move to the right and go up and move right and up once more.


  • Examine the downed power lines.
  • Attempt to capture the rodent.
  • Collect the lock pick.
  • Notice the fishing shack.
  • Notice the house.
  • Notice the resort.
  • Move forward.


  • Click aside the 2 barriers.
  • Tip the yellow cone.
  • Examine the cone and collect the trowel.
  • Read the map.
  • Walk down one time; move right toward the resort.


  • Examine the fence.
  • Use the trowel to dislodge the brick.
  • Examine the window; break it using the brick.
  • Collect the glass shard.


  • Collect the butterfly net.
  • Examine the door; click the knob.
  • Use the glass shard to remove the doorknob.
  • Use the lock pick in the triangular hole.
  • Enter the resort.

Map Table

  • Notice the map on the table.
  • Click the door to access a hidden objects area.

Hidden Object Scene

  • Find the listed items.
  • Click on the light switch; collect the garlic and the corkscrew.
  • Click the coat aside; collect the tail.
  • Click the case open; collect the mouse.
  • Collect the wrench.
  • Move up the stairs.


  • Collect the ladder.
  • Examine the shelf; collect the fuse bulb.
  • Click the book open; collect the puzzle part.
  • Examine the cabinet to access a mini-game.

Square Puzzle

  • Insert the puzzle part to activate the puzzle.
  • Use this sequence to solve the puzzle:
    • C: 1x
    • B: 2x’s
    • D: 3x’s
    • F: 3x’s
    • E: 1x
    • D: 2x’s
    • B: 1x
    • C: 1x
    • B: 3x’s
    • F: 2x’s
    • D: 3x’s
    • E: 1x
    • F: 1x
    • D: 1x
    • E: 1x
    • D: 1x
    • C: 1x
    • D: 2x’s
    • E: 1x
    • D: 3x’s
    • E: 1x
  • Collect the letter opener.
  • Walk down one time; examine the map on the table.

Letter Opener

  • Open the letter using the letter opener.
  • Collect the electrical tape.
  • Notice the pictures.
  • Leave the close up and walk down two times.


  • Lean the ladder against the pole.
  • Examine the power box; use the wrench to remove the bolts.
  • Open the power box.
  • Click the bulb area to access the mini-game.

Bulb Game

  • Insert the fuse bulb into the bottom right socket.
  • The solution is randomized.
  • Match the color pattern of the center light.

Electrical Tape

  • Examine the downed power line.
  • Place electrical tape on the wires.
  • Examine the power box; click the switch.
  • Move to the far house.