Otherworld: Shades of Fall: Chapter Seven: The Ocean

Our Otherworld: Shades of Fall Walkthrough will be your light in the dark as you make your way through this dark fantasy hidden object game in search of a way to stop the Shade. Rely on our custom marked screenshots, our detailed instructions, and our simple puzzle solutions as you attempt to locate the three elder fey who have the power to rebuild the perpetual prison and save Fiona from the Shade's curse.


  • Click anywhere to trigger a puzzle.
  • Solve the puzzle by finding the answers to the questions.
  • Collect the mirror.



  • Examine and collect the photo.
  • Collect the 2 /2 pages.
  • Talk with Selkie.
  • Move back once and then move ahead.



  • Select the mirror to use on the scanner.
  • Move ahead.



  • Click the diagram to collect the turtle’s cure.
  • Collect the seal.
  • Insert the 2 pages into the book.
  • Click the note 2 times and collect the alchemist’s loam.
  • Collect the 2/ 3 bones.
  • Collect the railing.
  • Move back 2 times and enter the blue door.


Seal Puzzle

  • Insert the seal into the lock to trigger a puzzle.
  • Solve the puzzle by arranging the seals into the correct locations.
  • Select the shovel and place it into the dirt to collect the alchemist’s loam.
  • Move back once and then go ahead 2 times.



  • Put the alchemist’s loam into the pot.
  • Read the book and click the pages 4 times.
  • Collect the old map.
  • Move back once.



  • Lay the old map onto the map.
  • Collect the complete map.
  • Move ahead.


Map room

  • Select the complete map to use anywhere in the room.
  • Select the dagger and use it to slice the picture 2 times.
  • Enter the picture.



  • Collect the 3 / 3 bones.
  • Click the items away and collect the handle.
  • Select the screwdriver and use it on the track.
  • Lay the railing down and use the screwdriver to secure the screws.
  • Click the purple tab; collect the key.
  • Click the red tab; collect the freezer code.



  • Slide the shelves.
  • Select the screwdriver remove the lid and to collect the batteries.
  • Move back 3 times.



  • Insert the batteries into the remote.
  • Collect the temperature controls.
  • Move ahead 2 times.


Freezer Code

  • Use the freezer code on the door and use the temperature controls to trigger a hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Select the scraper and use it to remove the ice on the freezer.
  • Click the freezer open to locate certain items.
  • Select the knife and use it on the onion; collect the minced onion.
  • Select the funnel and place it into the bottle.
  • Pour the vials into the funnel; collect the bottled nectar.
  • Select the cork and insert it into the bottle.
  • Collect the bottled nectar.



  • Place the 3 bones into the mortar and grind them using the pestle.
  • Collect the ground wurm’s tooth.
  • Move back 2 times.
  • Move through the door on the left.



  • Attach the handle onto the bucket.
  • Collect the empty bucket.
  • Move back once and enter the painting.



  • Insert the key into the chest.
  • Collect the lady statuette.
  • Place the empty bucket under the water tap; collect the spring water.
  • Move back once and enter the blue doorway.



  • Place the lady statuette onto the post.
  • Collect the pendant.
  • Move back once and enter the doorway on the left.


Spring Water

  • Place the spring water by the tortoise.
  • Put the ground wurm’s tooth and bottled nectar into the bucket and collect it.
  • Select the dagger and use it 3 times to open the chest.
  • Select the pendant and use it on the orb; collect the fur.
  • Move back once and enter the painting.



  • Give the selkie the fur.