Nevertales: The Beauty Within: Chapter Two: Library

Our Nevertales: The Beauty Within Walkthrough contains key information to help you unlock the mystery of the tiny child left one dark and rainy night on your doorstep. As you race through magical portals and face unspeakable challenges, remember to call upon our custom marked screenshots, our detailed step-by-step information, and our simple puzzle solutions to help you solve the mystery of who this baby belongs to and how she's tied to your very destiny.


  • Click the 5 stars.
  • Collect the note.
  • Click the teddy bear’s arm and collect 2 /5 pearls.
  • Click the teddy bear and collect the stone soldier.
  • Move down 2 times.



  • Place the stone soldier down and collect the winding key.
  • Click the lantern and collect the jewelry box.
  • Click the jewelry box and collect 3 / 5 pearls.
  • Move ahead and go left.



  • Place the sliding key into the slot and click it 2 times.



  • Click the glowing book and collect the 7 fragments.
  • Collect the owl badge.
  • Move down once.


Owl Game

  • Place the owl into the groove and collect the cloud.
  • A mini-game will trigger.
  • Solve by arranging the books in the order shown.
  • Collect the sun.
  • Move to the left.



  • Place the cloud into the slot and click it.
  • Click the hidden objects area.





  • Place the 4 keys into the locks.
  • Find the listed items.
  • Select the wind up key and insert it into the monkey toy; collect the baseball.
  • Select the medallion and insert it into the box; collect the butterfly.
  • Click the wand to release and collect the fairy.
  • Click the horse; collect the metal heart.
  • Place the pieces into the groove and collect the moon.


Moon Sun

  • Place the moon and the sun into the grooves.



  • Click the scene.
  • Click the baby in the inventory.
  • Attempt to collect any ball and give the toy ball to the baby.
  • Click the balls in ABC order and collect the note.
  • Exit the close up.



  • Place the baby into the cradle.
  • Open and collect the note.
  • Click the baby and then the blanket.
  • Click the icons in ABC order.
  • Click the key button.
  • Collect the book and open it.



  • Collect the note.
  • Click the pages 2 times and trigger the portal.
  • Collect the headless doll.
  • Move into the portal.



  • Collect the pouch.
  • Click the pouch open and collect the ink bottle.
  • Collect the shell and click it open.
  • Collect 4 / 5 pearls and the stones.
  • Move ahead.



  • Click the rocker 3 times and collect the slingshot.
  • Place the stones into the slingshot.
  • Move down once.



  • Use the loaded slingshot on the nest.
  • Click the 3 eggs and collect the fortune cookie.
  • Move ahead.



  • Place the fortune cookie down and collect the note.
  • A mini-game will trigger.
  • Click the buttons as shown: I – C – A – D - I - G – A – B – F
  • Collect the rose badge.
  • Click the rope and collect the voodoo head.
  • Move down 2 times and go left.



  • Attach the voodoo head onto the headless doll.
  • Give the woman the voodoo doll.
  • Move into the Voodoo Hut.



  • A hidden objects area will trigger.
  • Follow the clues to uncover the items.
  • Collect the wish potion.



  • Click the stopper on the wish potion and pour the ink bottle into it.
  • Collect the paper.
  • Pour the magic ink onto the paper.
  • Select the map to move ahead.


Map Game

  • Solve the game by clicking the correct icons.



  • A hidden objects area will trigger.
  • Follow the clues to uncover the items.
  • Collect the chain.



  • Chase the rabbit away.
  • Click the 3 mushrooms and collect 5 / 5 pearls.
  • Click the box and collect the necklace of sight.
  • Move down once.



  • Give the woman the necklace of sight.
  • Collect the powdered poison.
  • Pour the powdered poison into the flask and collect the herbicide.
  • Move down once.



  • Pour the herbicide onto the vines.
  • Collect the shovel.
  • Move ahead 2 times.



  • Use the shovel to dig the soil.
  • Uncover the incomplete metal rose and insert the rose badge.
  • Collect the metal rose and trigger a mini-game.
  • Click and slide the petals as follows: B to 3 – C to 2 – D to 4 – A to 3
  • Collect the 1 / 4 hearts.
  • Move down 2 times.



  • Place 1 / 4 hearts into the locket.
  • Click the boat.
  • Click the rope ladder.
  • Move onto the Pirate Ship.