Mystery of the Ancients: Three Guardians: Chapter Four: The Cabin

Hold tight to our Mystery of the Ancients: Three Guardians Walkthrough as you explore the town of Green Hill searching for a way to stop the mysterious man in the feathered cloak. Put our crystal clear instructions, our custom marked screenshots, and our simple puzzle solutions to work for you as you attempt to find a way to put an end to this strange man's thirst for vengeance and rescue your niece and her boyfriend.


  • Examine the stone and collect the pear.
  • Click the blanket; collect the note and the 1/3 leaves.
  • Use the knife to slice the seam; collect the 1/2 suns.
  • Click the drawer and collect the 2/3 leaves.
  • Move down once.


Talk Woman

  • Speak to the woman.
  • Place the pear down and collect the stone block.
  • Move ahead.


Stone Block

  • Use the stone block to hit the nail.
  • Click the drawer and collect the 1/2 gears.
  • Move down three times.



  • Use the magnet to collect the 2/2 gears.
  • Move forward two times.


Gear Door

  • Insert the two gears into the door.
  • Move to the left and click the hidden objects area.



  • Find the pictured items.
  • Select the candy cane and place it onto the floor; collect the bottle.
  • Select the bottle and pour it onto the plant; collect the nut.
  • Give the squirrel the nut; collect the fleur-de-lis.
  • Insert the 2 fleur-de-lis onto the chest; collect the pliers.
  • Use the pliers to remove the nail; collect the puzzle piece.
  • Place the puzzle piece onto the board.
  • Use the following sequence:  C - E – B – D – A – B – E – F – D – A – B – E – F – D – B
  • Collect the weight.
  • Use the scissors to open the package; collect the weight.
  • Place the 2 weights onto the scale.
  • Collect the crow.
  • Move down 4 times and go left.



  • Insert the wing into the groove and collect the moon.
  • Place the torn photo down.
  • Click the locket and collect it.
  • Move down once and go to the right.



  • Insert the moon into the statue.
  • Collect the crow.
  • Move ahead three times.


Crow Game

  • Insert the 3 crows into the grooves.
  • A mini game will trigger.
  • Solve the game by untangling the chains that are connected onto the blue gems.
  • Move into the Cellar.


Open Box Game

  • Click the box open; collect the amulet.
  • Insert the locket into the book.
  • Click the book and collect the note with code.
  • Place the note with code onto the box.
  • Enter the code correctly and collect the handle.
  • Click the cove; a mini-game will trigger.
  • Solve the game by connecting the gems correctly.
  • Collect the amulet piece.
  • Move down once and go into the Cabin.


Cabinet Game

  • Attach the handle onto the cabinet and click it once.
  • A mini- game will trigger.
  • Select the hammer.
  • Solve the game by hitting the 15 trolls and avoiding hitting any other figurines.
  • Collect the bear.
  • Move down 3 times.



  • Use the knife to remove the moss.
  • Insert the amulet into the groove.
  • A mini game will trigger.
  • Solve the game by connecting the matching colored gems without any lines intersecting.
  • Zoom into the stone; collect the owl.
  • Move into the Cellar.