Mystery Trackers: Nightsville Horror: Chapter One: The Mystery

Our Mystery Trackers Nightsville Horror Walkthrough is ready to help you solve the mystery of the Owl man. Oliver, a young male resident of Willowsville, Louisiana has been abducted. Local lore has blamed the legendary Owl man of neighboring town Nightsville for the kidnapping, and the residents are all terrorized with fear. But is this theory true? What do the local kids have to say about it? What about the local Sherriff? Do old rivalries have anything to do with this? All these questions and no answers, no worries; our Mystery Trackers Nightsville Horror Walkthrough will solve that problem. Use our screen captures, clear instructional guide and mini game and hidden object solutions to help you save Oliver and reveal the truth behind this urban legend.


  • Collect Elf and use him to collect the hoist handle and the oil can.
  • Select the oil can to lubricate and open the cage.
  • Attach and click the hoist handle.
  • Click the hidden objects area.




  • Find the items.
  • Collect the chainsaw.



  • Select the oil can to lubricate the chainsaw.
  • Collect the 1st emblem and the corkscrew.
  • Select the working chainsaw to cut the board.
  • Move ahead.


Old Man

  • Speak to the old man.
  • Click the foresight button.
  • Restore the items to the proper positioning.
  • Zoom to the right.



  • Click the weeds.
  • Collect the toy airplane and the boards; place the boards over the hole.
  • Move to the right to the Square.


Johnson Fam

  • Speak to Mrs. Johnson.
  • Collect the Johnson family picture.
  • Move into the Johnson’s House.



  • Click the foresight button.
  • Restore the items to the proper positioning.



  • Click the books; collect the 2nd emblem.
  • Select Elf to collect the bottle of chloroform.
  • Collect the scissors.
  • Move down 2x’s.



  • Zoom right.
  • Select the scissors to collect the fishing hook.
  • Move to the Johnson’s House.


Fishing Hook

  • Select the fishing hook to open the drawer.
  • Collect the matches and the note with code.
  • Move down once.


Note Code

  • Place the note with code; enter 2743.
  • Collect the fireworks.
  • Move down once and zoom right.



  • Select the fireworks and matches to remove the alligator.
  • Collect the 3rd emblem and the hammer.
  • Move down once.



  • Insert the 3 emblems.
  • Adjust the rings correctly.
  • Collect the diary of Willowsville citizen.
  • Move ahead and to the right.



  • Click deduction.
  • Speak to Mrs. Johnson and click the conversation box.
  • Receive the office key.
  • Move into the Johnson House.