My Kingdom for the Princess IV: Levels 4.1 to 4.10

Our My Kingdom for the Princess IV Walkthrough is live and ready to act as your loyal guide to help you complete 50 levels of intense time management gameplay. Put our detailed, step-by-step instructions as well as carefully marked screenshots to work for you as you help Arthur on his task to save the princesses of the world.

Level 4.1

  1. Watch food quantity in the beginning
  2. Clear to gold area first
  3. Use extra worker bonus
  4. Access upper food
  5. Clear to wood area
  6. Clear to lower mine and repair
  7. Access next area of wood
  8. Clear to top mine and repair
  9. Collect the rest of the wood and upgrade the camp
  10. Use Abundance bonus after camp is upgraded to finish
  11. Clear to corruption area
  12. Strengthen the soil

Level 4-1



Level 4.2

  1. Clear road
  2. Upgrade camp
  3. Restore farm
  4. Use Taxes bonus
  5. Clear down to mine
  6. Restore mine
  7. Clear up the road

Level 4-2



Level 4.3

  1. Use Collect Double throughout
  2. Repair and upgrade sawmill
  3. Build left bridge
  4. Upgrade camp
  5. Build upper bridge
  6. Build and upgrade sky crystal
  7. Clear to gold on left
  8. Clear to corruption on right
  9. Upgrade camp

Level 4-3



Level 4.4

  1. Collect resources
  2. Upgrade camp
  3. Clear to right
  4. Collect double bonus
  5. Access resources on the right
  6. Upgrade camp again
  7. Build down the left side
  8. Build the bastion
  9. Clear down along the bottom, remove the golems, and clear corruption

Level 4-4



Level 4.5

  1. Collect resources
  2. Restore farm
  3. Use Collect Double bonus throughout
  4. Upgrade camp twice
  5. Clear in both directions to get to goals

Level 4-5



Level 4.6

  1. Clear road
  2. Upgrade camp
  3. Build bridge to bottom using 1/2 off bonus
  4. Use extra worker bonus
  5. Build top bridge
  6. Upgrade camp
  7. Use rocket gun as needed
  8. Use 1/2 off bonus when able
  9. Build barracks
  10. Finish off

Level 4-6



Level 4.7

  1. Collect resources
  2. Upgrade camp
  3. Use Collect Double bonus throughout
  4. Clear up to renewable gold at the top
  5. Upgrade camp
  6. Clear down to renewable food on the right
  7. Clear down the center giving priority to the path to the bottom right

Level 4-7



Level 4.8

  1. Upgrade camp
  2. Use extra worker bonus until mines are built
  3. Clear to the farm and restore
  4. Clear along the top
  5. Build the barracks
  6. Remove the cold spirit to access the resources in the middle
  7. Restore the mine at top right
  8. Repair the middle mine
  9. Use Tax bonus to get gold going when needed
  10. Build bridge to the bottom
  11. Use speed bonus
  12. Build the bastion
  13. Finish off

Level 4-8



Level 4.9

  1. Clear road
  2. Upgrade camp
  3. Restore farm
  4. Use tax bonus throughout
  5. Clear to gold at top and sawmill
  6. Restore sawmill
  7. Clear to mine and restore
  8. Upgrade camp
  9. Clear in all direction
  10. Build and upgrade sky crystal

Level 4-9



Level 4.10

  1. Build and upgrade sawmill
  2. Use collect double bonus
  3. Clear obstacle in center
  4. Upgrade camp
  5. Clear down to food piles
  6. Build and clear up the road
  7. Upgrade the camp
  8. Build to resource stashes at top and bottom right and side
  9. Use 1/2 off bonus to start building off to the left

Level 4-10