Love Alchemy: A Heart In Winter: Chapter Four: The Cabaret

Our Love Alchemy: A Heart in Winter Walkthrough will guide your troubled heart as you reveal the secret your new love has been keeping from you. Use our detailed instructions, our custom marked screenshots, and our simple puzzle solutions in order to rescue the seven women trapped inside the paintings and avoid a similar fate.


  • Enter the Dressing Room.
  • Click to talk to the girl.
  • Click to zoom in on the dresser.
  • Take the Tweezers.
  • Go back one screen.



  • Click to zoom in on the floorboards.
  • Use the Tweezers to get the Ticket.
  • Go forward one screen.


Gumball Machine

  • Click to zoom in on the gumball machine.
  • Use the TIcket on the slot.
  • Take the Spider Eye.
  • Return to the Living Room.
  • Click on the sparkles in the fireplace to play the hidden object game.



  • Find all the items on the list. (Some of the items are messed up on this screen.)
  • You will receive the Four-Leaf Clover.
  • Go to the Alchemy Lab.



  • Use the Spider Eye on the Spider.
  • You will receive the Key.



  • Click to zoom in on the shelf behind where the spider was.
  • Take the Sulfur.
  • Return to the Cabaret Painting.



  • Click to zoom in on the handbag.
  • Use the Key on the lock.
  • Take the Spider Poison.
  • Go back to the Alchemy Lab.



  • Click to zoom in on the desk.
  • Use the Spider Poison, the Sulfur, and the Four-leaf Clover on the jar.
  • Take the Ointment.
  • Return to the Dressing Room.



  • Use the Ointment on the girl.
  • You will receive the Essence of Love and the Key.
  • Return to the Secret Passage.



  • Click to zoom in on the Boiler.
  • Use the Essence of Love on the water.
  • You will receive the Golden Flag.



  • Click on the door to the right to zoom in.
  • Use the Golden Flag on the door.
  • Enter the Torture Room.



  • Click to zoom in by the fire.
  • Take the Tongs.
  • Return to the Dressing Room in the Cabaret Painting.



  • Click to zoom in on the vial.
  • Use the Tongs on the chain on the right side, then the left side.
  • You will receive the Blood.
  • Return to the Torture Room.



  • Click to zoom in on the Tomb.
  • Use the Blood on the Heart Vial.
  • This will reveal another painting.
  • Use the Key on the Painting.
  • Enter the Painting.