League of Light: Wicked Harvest: Chapter One: In the Beginning

Our League of Light: Wicked Harvest Walkthrough will watch your back as you explore the town of Blake's Mountain where the children of the town have gone missing and a fabled Red Moon is on the rise. Trust our detailed game instructions, our custom marked screenshots, and easy-to-understand puzzle solutions to see you safely through this new investigation for the League of Light!


  • Collect the crossbow; click it 2x’s.
  • Select the crossbow to shoot toward the owl badge; collect the owl badge.
  • Insert the owl badge to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by clicking the discs to match the scene.
  • Click the file; read the letter and collect the photo and the crowbar beneath.



  • Select the crowbar to pry open the door and trigger a hidden objects area.



  • Find the items.
  • Select the book key and insert it into the book; collect the triangle key.
  • Insert the triangle key into the groove.
  • Select the tongs to collect the safe dial and place it onto the safe to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by finding the correct combination to open the safe.
  • Collect the hunter torso and place it onto the seat handle; collect the combination.
  • Place the combination onto the safe and use it to unlock the safe and collect the triangle key.
  • Insert the triangle key and collect the scissors; use them to cut the seam and collect the rope.
  • Select the handle and place it onto the compartment to reveal the hook.
  • Select the rope and attach it onto the hook to create the grappling hook.
  • Collect the grappling hook.



  • Toss the grappling hook to climb up.



  • Click the scene.
  • Speak to the woman.
  • Collect the dull sickle and the map piece.
  • Move to the Front of House.



  • Collect the rope and the map piece.
  • Click the boards and then click the door.
  • Move into the House Interior.



  • Collect the handle.
  • Click the map and attach the map pieces; collect the map.
  • Move down once.



  • Click the map to move to locations.
  • Attach the handle onto the grindstone.
  • Select the dull sickle and sharpen it; collect the sickle.
  • Collect the sail.
  • Select the sickle to slice the stitches, click the bag and collect the magnet.
  • Move down once.



  • Collect the unicorn.
  • Click the bolt and use the magnet to collect the bolt.
  • Move to the House Interior.



  • Click the broken pliers and insert the bolt; collect the pliers.



  • Speak to the woman.
  • Use the pliers to open the crate; collect the broken lantern and the butterfly.
  • Click the broken lantern and attach the parts; collect the lantern.
  • Move to the Front of House.



  • Insert the butterfly; collect the net parts.
  • Move to the House Interior.



  • Hang the lantern to illuminate the scene.
  • Click the hidden objects area.



  • Find the items.
  • Click the fan; collect the apple.
  • Collect the tongs.



  • Collect 1 /3 snakes and the ribbon.
  • Move to the Riverbank.



  • Place the ribbon around the glass; collect it.
  • Move to the Gate.



  • Select the tongs to collect the dove.
  • Collect the leaf and the stick.
  • Move to the Front of House.



  • Insert the dove; collect the package and 2/3 snakes.
  • Click the package.
  • Select the glass to slice the string and collect the broken figurine.
  • Assemble the figurine; collect the ballerina figurine.
  • Move to the House Interior.



  • Place the ballerina figurine and click it; collect the ham.
  • Move to the Gate.



  • Give the dog the ham; collect the hammer.
  • Move to the House Interior.



  • Select the hammer to smash the glass.
  • Click the sail and replace it; collect the net and the bandage.
  • Click the net parts and connect the stick; collect the net.
  • Move to the Gate.



  • Place the bandage onto the little scarecrow.
  • Click the little scarecrow and use it to scare the crow; collect 3 /3 snakes.
  • Select the net to collect the chest.



  • Click the notices and insert the snakes to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by finding the icon shown in the top right corner in the scene.
  • Select the watering can to water the seed; collect the flower.
  • Click the bush; collect the bird.
  • Collect the unicorn.
  • Move to the House Interior.



  • Insert the unicorns; collect the rug.
  • Select the little scarecrow to collect 1 /3 runes.
  • Move to the Gate.



  • Place the rug onto the embers.
  • Move to the Square.



  • Collect the weights and place them onto the scale.
  • Click the hidden objects area.







  • Find the items.
  • Insert the items into the box.
  • Collect the corkscrew.