Infected: The Twin Vaccine: Chapter 1: The Farm

Our Infected: The Twin Vaccine Walkthrough will be your personal navigator through the abandoned town of Oxford, as you desperately search for the only known survivor of a virus that’s rapidly spreading, young Theresa Morrisey. With custom screenshots marked with key locations and clear step-by-step instructions through each chapter, you’ll have no problem eradicating the virus and putting an end to what could become a global epidemic.

[gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/001-chapter-1-cia-office.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Click on the photograph to take it. [/item] [item]Take the PHONE CORD. [/item] [item]Take the NEWSPAPER[/item] [item]Take the MAP. [/item] [item]Click on the phone jack in the wall.[/item] [item]Use the PHONE CORD on the phone jack to plug it in. [/item] [item]Answer the phone when it rings. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/002-chapter-1-train-yard.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Take the CROWBAR on the ground on the right. [/item] [item]Click on the man to talk to him. [/item] [item]Click on the train on the right to zoom in. [/item] [item]Take the COIN and the WRENCH.[/item] [item]Click on the train emblem on the right to zoom in. [/item] [item]Use the WRENCH on the train emblem to remove the bolts. [/item] [item]Take the TRAIN EMBLEM. [/item] [item]Take the TRACTOR KEY. [/item] [item]Click on the window on the left. [/item] [item]Use the CROWBAR on the window to open it. [/item] [item]Take the VALVE WHEEL. [/item] [item]Click on the wheel on the left train where the steam is coming out. [/item] [item]Use the VALVE WHEEL. [/item] [item]Click to turn the wheel to stop the steam. [/item] [item]Go forward. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/003-chapter-1-tire-swing.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Talk to the man in front of you. [/item] [item]Click on the tire swing in the tree to zoom in.[/item] [item]Take the FAUCET HANDLE and the COIN. [/item] [item]Go to the left. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/004-chapter-1-shovel-phone.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Take the phone on the ground and listen to the 3 video messages. [/item] [item]Take the SHOVEL. [/item] [item]Go back one screen.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/005-chapter-1-shovel-mailbox-flag.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Click on the X on the ground on the left. [/item] [item]Use the SHOVEL on the ground several times to dig. [/item] [item]Take the MAILBOX FLAG. [/item] [item]Go right toward the tractor yard. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/006-chapter-1-tractor-yard.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Click on the X on the ground on the right to zoom in. [/item] [item]Use the SHOVEL several times to dig. [/item] [item]Take the 3 BUTTON. [/item] [item]Click on the tractor. [/item] [item]Use the TRACTOR KEY on the tractor. [/item] [item]Click to access the hidden object scene.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/007-chapter-1-van-hidden-object-scene-a.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Find all the items in the hidden objects scene that are in white. [/item] [item]Next, click on the items tab at the bottom of your screen. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/008-chapter-1-van-hidden-object-scene-b.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Click on the tractor to zoom in. [/item] [item]Use the KNIFE on the cloth to cut it. [/item] [item]Take the WINDOW LATCH.[/item] [item]Use the LADDER RUNGS on the ladder. [/item] [item]Use the WINDOW LATCH on the window. [/item] [item]Take the PARKING SIGN. [/item] [item]Use the PARKING SIGN on the inset.[/item] [item]Take the SLEDGEHAMMER from the panel that opens. [/item] [item]Use the SLEDGEHAMMER on the loos ground. [/item] [item]Take the DOOR KEY. [/item] [item]Use the DRILL on the oil barrel.[/item] [item]Catch the dripping oil with the OIL DROPPER. [/item] [item]Use the DOOR HANDLE on the door of the van.[/item] [item]Use the OIL DROPPER on the DOOR HANDLE. [/item] [item]Use the DOOR KEY on the door to open it. [/item] [item]Take the GARDEN HOSE. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/009-chapter-1-tractor-yard-fence.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Click on the fence on the left to zoom in. [/item] [item]Use the TRAIN EMBLEM on the fence to start a mini-game. [/item] [item]Rotate the rings to complete the picture. See the screenshot for the solution. [/item] [item]Go forward.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/010-chapter-1-train-puzzle.jpg[/gimg] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/011-chapter-1-truck-flashlight.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Take the FLASHLIGHT on the truck. [/item] [item]Go back to the barn. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/012-chapter-1-hornets-nest.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Click on the faucet on the barn. [/item] [item]Use the FAUCET HANDLE and the GARDEN HOSE.[/item] [item]Click to turn the handle. [/item] [item]Click to pick up the hose and this will start a mini-game. [/item] [item]Use the hose on the hornets nest until the green meter goes down and the hornets are gone. [/item] [item]Go to the left. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/013-chapter-1-baseball-window.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Click on the X on the ground to your right. [/item] [item]Use the SHOVEL several times to dig. [/item] [item]Take the BASEBALL and the COIN.[/item] [item]Click on the mailbox on the left. [/item] [item]Use the MAILBOX FLAG on the mailbox.[/item] [item]Click on the MAILBOX FLAG to raise it. [/item] [item]Take the note. [/item] [item]Take the LETTER P.[/item] [item]Use the BASEBALL on the window several times to break it. [/item] [item]Go into the barn.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/014-chapter-1-barn-inside.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Click on the area below the window on the left to zoom in. [/item] [item]Take the PLASTIC JAR. [/item] [item]Click on the area on the right to start a hidden object scene.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/015-chapter-1-barn-hidden-object-scene-a.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]First find all the items in the scene that are in white. [/item] [item]Click on the items tab at the bottom to open it. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/016-chapter-1-barn-hidden-object-scene-b.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Click on the window to zoom in. [/item] [item]Use the LETTER OPERNER on the envelope on the right. [/item] [item]Take the MAGNIFYING GLASS.[/item] [item]Use the HAMMER on the nails on the window to remove the first board. [/item] [item]Use the SAW on the rest of the boards to remove them. [/item] [item]Use the TORCH ROPE on the torch. [/item] [item]Use the GASOLINE on the TORCH ROPE. [/item] [item]Use the MAGNIFYING GLASS on the TORCH ROPE to light it. [/item] [item]Take the LIT TORCH.[/item] [item]Use the HEART GEM on the jewelry box. [/item] [item]Take the GUN LATCH. [/item] [item]Use the GUN LATCH on the rifle. [/item] [item]Take the SCREWDRIVER. [/item] [item]Click on the panel to zoom in. [/item] [item]Remove the screws with the SCREWDRIVER. [/item] [item]Take the METAL CLIPPERS. [/item] [item]Click on the box that's chained up. [/item] [item]Use the METAL CLIPPERS on the chains[/item] [item]Use the LIT TORCH on it to burn the doors. [/item] [item]Take the LICENSE PLATE. [/item] [item]Go back to the front of the barn.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/017-chapter-1-hornet-sample.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Click on the hornets nest on the ground. [/item] [item]Use the PLASTIC JAR on the HORNET SAMPLE to take it. [/item] [item]Go back to the truck yard.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/018-chapter-1--license-plate.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Use the LICENSE PLATE on the truck. [/item] [item]Take the BUNKER KEY. [/item] [item]Go back to the side of the barn and the bunker.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/019-chapter-1--bunker-key.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Click on the door to the bunker. [/item] [item]Use the BUNKER KEY to unlock it. [/item] [item]Go into the bunker.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/020-chapter-1--bunker-electrical-panel.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Use the FLASHLIGHT to turn it on. [/item] [item]Click on the Electrical panel in the back of the room. [/item] [item]Click to remove the cover and start a mini-game. [/item] [item]You will need to guide the spark from the top to the bottom hole without getting hit by the rotating squares. You can move left, right, up, down, and diagonally one spot at a time. [/item] [item]See the video for the solution.[/item] [/LIST] [youtube][/youtube] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/021-chapter-1--bunker-main-area.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Click on the body on the right and read the note. [/item] [item]Scroll through the pictures of the camera and then close out of the screen. [/item] [item]Click on the table to begin a hidden object scene. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/022-chapter-1-bunker-hidden-object-scene-a.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]First find all the items in the scene that are in white. [/item] [item]Click on the items tab at the bottom to open it.[/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/023-chapter-1-bunker-hidden-object-scene-b.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Give the CHEESE to the rat. [/item] [item]Take the WHEEL. [/item] [item]Click on the shelf to zoom in. [/item] [item]Use the CAN OPENER on the can to open it. [/item] [item]Take the BLUE FUSE. [/item] [item]Use the CORKSCREW on the bottle and take the RED FUSE. [/item] [item]Use the LIGHT BULB on the lantern. [/item] [item]Take the DRAWER HANDLE. [/item] [item]Use the DRAWER HANDLE on the metal cabinet. [/item] [item]Click to open the cabinet and take the EXTENSION CORD. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/024-chapter-1-bunker-hidden-object-scene-c.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Use the EXTENSION CORD on the wall socket. [/item] [item]Use the DUCT TAPE to fix the EXTENSION CORD. [/item] [item]Use the WHEEL and the FAN BELT on the machine. [/item] [item]Click on the side of the machine to zoom in. [/item] [item]Use the RED FUSE and the BLUE FUSE in the open areas. [/item] [item]Press the power button. [/item] [item]Take the POWER EMBLEM. [/item] [item]Go back to front of the ranch. [/item] [/LIST] [gimg]/Infected-Twin-Vaccine/images/025-chapter-1-power-emblem.jpg[/gimg][LIST] [item]Click on the electrical panel. [/item] [item]Use the POWER EMBLEM on the panel. [/item] [item]Click to open the panel and then pull the lever. [/item] [item]Go forward.[/item] [/LIST]